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  1. PVE Tribe Warfare System There has been an increase in abuse and enforcement tickets stemming from the tribe warfare system. To prevent further abuse we will be disabling the Tribe Warfare system on Thursday 8/22. Fist pump your way WC. Thanks for addressing this issues.
  2. WC I am extremely disappointed! I didn't hear anything about fixing bugs, glitches, or the bad lag in our game! Instead you pitched us a season pass. You are trying to sell us another map. It makes me hesitant because it makes me feel and think you only want my money. What I see is a very above average game with below average leadership. Someone is going to have to grow a pair and make this game what it should be. Why not address the issues? Are they not important to you? don't you see all the negative feed back you are getting? Do you enjoy the type of failure you don't learn from? How are you suppose to grow if you don't learn from your mistakes? When I was a corporate director I would not tolerate or release a poor product. Not that the game is poor - its code and it's stewards need a serious course in management.
  3. This looks great and exciting! I look forward to seeing what this is all about. I do enjoy the ARK story line. It sounds like it has something to do with that.
  4. Ark saved my life. Ced you gotta understand bro your most dedicated player base might be on legacy. I got hit by a drunk driver in 2016 and I was restricted to my bed and pissing and crapping all over myself. I was a 4x natural body building champion, personal trainer, and fitness director. It was all taken from me. I had 3 reconstructive operations and was in a wheel chair for nearly a year. depressed in bed my 19 year old son brought me his ps4 and showed me this game ARK Survival. I started playing. The work, the struggle, the effort, to build my base and tame dinos reminded me of what it's going to take to get out of my depression. Ark revealed to me what was already inside me - a tenacious mofo who will never quit. Every morning I was in so much pain. But I would wheel my self to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee and turn on my ARK server 629. You wiped it! People say its just a game but to me it's more than that. I sent you guys a nasty response when you said you wouldn't help me transfer my stuff to official. I apologize - I overreacted.
  5. Playing Ark is like being in an abusive relationship with WC. You keep coming back hoping things will change. I am so tired of WC. Fix the game dammmm!
  6. Thanks guys been wanting a breeding event!
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