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  1. We have some people that switched to PvE and opened up some of the wyvern tribes. Inquire in the Discord and we can maybe get some people to take those tribes over. Aside from that, I'm also going to give bloodline Fenrir to new and existing players this weekend, and I still have a fair amount of starter gear to hand out
  2. We have a five server cluster, freshly wiped as of mid-February, currently Fjordur, Lost Island, The Island, and Genesis, with a fifth map that cycles every other week. Settings are 1.5Xp, x3Taming, x3 most breeding stats, except Baby Maturation at x10, x5 Harvesting. Offline Protection enabled and structure damage lowered to 20%, double turret damage, increased stat scaling for players, tamed dinos can gain 100 levels of xp. Offline raid protection comes down every other weekend to encourage activity. Mods are: Structures Plus Custom Dino Levels Awesome Spyglass Shad's Critter Rework Shad's Atlas Imports HG Stacking Mod 1000-50 Simple Spawners Dino Storage v2 We have a roleplay system going on, where players can join tribes for various wyvern types: Fire, Poison, Ice, Lightning, Blood, Ember, Tropical, Forest and Voidwyrm. Each tribe has a different behavioral disposition and theme. Players are encouraged but not required to join one of the tribes. Those tribes are only allowed to use their associated wyvern type, unaffiliated players have no such restriction, though they can be freely hunted by the wyvern tribes. We may also allow additional tribes such as Griffin with enough interest Lightning Tribe: Builds in Mountains. Aggressive, wants to conquer territory Fire Tribe: Desert and Plains. Knightly, with a sense of honor and fair combat. Zealously patrol territory, however are not excessively aggressive and can be reasoned with Ice Tribe: Cold environments. Barbarians, extremely hostile to outsiders in their territory, but rarely venture beyond except for supplies Poison Tribe: Swamps, bogs, wet and overgrown areas Untrustworthy, underhanded, tend to ambush people. Will attack without provocation but avoid fair fights or large confrontations. Can join larger alliances, but have a tendency to betray Blood Tribe: Caves, ruins, spooky areas. Vampire theme, primarily active at night. Not usually hostile unless disturbed Ember Tribe: Volcanoes, wastelands. Berserkers, who will charge into battle. Offshoot of Fire tribe Tropical Tribe: Oceans, waterways, coasts. Party people, partially nomadic. Tend to trade and friendly with most tribes, rarely fights Forest Tribe: Wooded areas. The most peaceful tribe. Basically the bobs and PvE'ers. While they can be attacked, most friendly tribes will help defend them We have a Discord, https://discord.gg/3bX5AW5RCe Server names are as follows, and if not showing in the in-game listing, can be connected to, albeit slowly via attached links (Fjordur) Dragoheim Bifrost Cluster(1.5Xp/3Tame/3Breed/5Harvest) https://BifrostCluster1.arkers.io (Lost Island) Vanaheim Bifrost Cluster(1.5Xp/3Tame/3Breed/5Harvest) https://BifrostCluster2.arkers.io (The Island) Midgard Bifrost Cluster(1.5Xp/3Tame/3Breed/5Harvest) https://BifrostCluster3.arkers.io (Genesis) Niflheim Bifrost Cluster(1.5Xp/3Tame/3Breed/5Harvest) https://BifrostCluster4.arkers.io (Rotating Map) Svartalfheim Bifrost Cluster(1.5Xp/3Tame/3Breed/5Harvest) https://BifrostCluster5.arkers.io Additional guidelines, rules and information can be found on the Discord.
  3. I'm gonna call BS on that, almost all of Europe is less liberal than the US on abortion, most of them have abortion bans around 10-20 weeks. Roe v Wade's overturn also do not make abortion illegal. It merely returns it from a federal issue to a state level issue, where it was supposed to be in the first place. The federal government has no authority to legalize or illegalize abortion, Roe V Wade was a massive overreach of government power. And far as I know, all red states with existing or proposed abortion restrictions still make exceptions for things like atopic or forced pregnancies. And I suspect you aren't arguing for those abortions specifically, you're using them to argue for all abortions, which is pretty immoral
  4. Abortion was never a constitutional right. It was never mentioned within the constitution nor the bill of rights and the founding fathers would've rolled over in their graves at the idea that their work was used to justify 70 million murders. But at any rate, the federal government explicitly within the constitution has no powers except those which the constitution specifically gives it. All other powers are therefore state or local. The federal government never had the authority to broadly legalize abortion, and if they wanted to then they should've passed it as an Amendment. The Supreme Court merely recognized that this is a state issue and was always supposed to be, and returned it to the states to decide. If you live in California or New York, your state will probably have all abortions legalized under all circumstances no questions asked, possibly taxpayer-funded, within a week. About half the country will still have broad access to abortion. About half will have some or severe restrictions. Even in the red states, they still largely have exceptions for (doesn't let me use word for nonconsensual relations), so don't even bother bringing that up in your argument against me. If you don't like it, move to a state that still allows baby murder. And I'm not really interested in a China-owned company sounding off on American civil matters when they have zero interest in speaking out against the Uighur genocide currently going in China. Speak on all or speak on none.
  5. There are two, and they're just L. Diana and Mei-Yin. The stuff with Helena and whoever got retconned in within the las six months
  6. I remember back when Wildcard was releasing a couple new creatures a month or more. Now they spend an entire year working on DLC's and they only put like 6 new tames into each of them
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