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  1. We've gotten a few new people on, but still looking for more. Got free sets of upgraded ghillie, metal tools, and some basic weapons to give out to newcomers, and I can help you get some eggs or basic tames
  2. Come to think of it, a Tek drill or jackhammer would a good addition, similar to the chainsaw, but as a pickaxe
  3. Flamethrower damage has a cap, and once you hit that, any additional damage % is just making it more expensive to repair. And I'm not saying the lance should instantly destroy a structure, it'd still take a moment to burn through, during which you're still getting shot at. And each titan already unlocks a tek weapon, so it could just be unlocked through alpha manticore or a alpha scorch overseer. It could just have maybe half the structure damage of an average arthro. Especially since tek bps have crap stats and massive costs, so if the turrets kill you while you're melting your way in, you just gave them your crazy expensive alien blowtorch. Unless you have a better idea for a tek weapon that's thematically suited to Scorch
  4. Cutscenes are cool, but not needed. And ordinarily I wouldn't say this, but just reuse the Overseer and arena, and make all three alternate forms manticore, getting larger and stronger each time. Realistically, most of us just want the bonus levels and the Wyvern Tek Saddle anyway. Heck, throw in the other four pieces of wyvern armor skins, because that's been sought after for a while and it'll definitely offset any negative opinions. Or just ask the guy that fixed meshing to make you a cutscene. It's already heavily implied in the notes that helena and rockwell went through some sort of process to get to aberration, which was never explained in any way, so it clearly isn't complete storywise. And then we can have a nice, even 150 player level. Possibly 180 after Genesis, assuming 15 of them aren't simulated
  5. Yes, but the actual flamethrower kinda sucks and the damage doesn't really scale with quality. A tek thermal lance could do greater damage to tames and steadily burn through structures, which could partially negate the need for explosives. Especially since most handheld or thrown tek weapons aren't great for destroying multiple structures. It would be like a handheld arthropleura in a sense, and any OPness could be kinda offset by the fact that you'd probably need to soak the turrets first
  6. That's actually a good idea. Throw in some kind of Tek Flamethrower or thermal lance, a Tek machine that pulls water from the air, and the tek wyvern saddle they already have in the files, and that gives you a reasonable amount of stuff. Realistically, I don't even care if they add a cutscene or just reuse the Overseer for the Ascension. I just want the extra levels
  7. Added Crystal Isles, bringing us up to five servers. Doubled xp, and tweak some settings. Atlas tames are now split up between the different maps, and most of them are unique to two or three maps. Still looking for more people, and I got stuff I can give out
  8. Are you guys on PC? Mine's not working either
  9. Still looking for new players. Cluster info is on the link above, and I'm looking into adding Crystal Isles
  10. Still looking for people. Pretty peaceful, easy to get set up, can probably get you some stuff to start off with
  11. New cluster, looking for players, info is on the link. Ask if you have any questions
  12. Bifrost Cluster, x5, mods http://BifrostCluster.arkers.io
  13. The S+ stuff doesn't really count as an addition. All they really did is jack like 4 structures and some partial functionality from a mod and put it in the game. And it wasn't even anything particularly worthwhile like the Mutator or Gacha Gavager
  14. Wildcard generally seems to refuse to change or add anything to their dlc's outside of occasional bugfixes. Remember the dodorex halloween thing on the island? And the Dodovern on Scorch. I expected a dodoreaper or Dodo Titan last Halloween, but we got nothing. It's been a while since they've really added anything to the game, and it feels like the developers jumped ship () to Atlas. Which itself feels like a weak attempt to turn what could've been a ocean dlc into a separate game. And then make people buy it. Which also kind of explains how all three dlcs have almost nothing water related, and jellies are still OP. Because they were working on Atlas and wanted to make it so people who like water stuff would get bored and buy their water-centric game. At this point, I really doubt they'll add anything substantial to the game unless they can figure out a way to put a price tag on it. Even if it is something they forgot to do and should've been added already
  15. They could just not do the cutscene, if it saves money. I just want the extra levels and Tek.
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