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  1. I remember back when Wildcard was releasing a couple new creatures a month or more. Now they spend an entire year working on DLC's and they only put like 6 new tames into each of them
  2. Wildcard Screwing w/Mana again Survivors. Yet again, for at least the fifth time, Wildcard has nerfed the Managarmr. They already effectively removed the ranged attack, and now they put a hard cap on how many jumps it can make in the air. As if drastically scaling stamina costs per consecutive jump wasn't enough of a soft cap. If you're a Mana fan (Fanagarmr?) please consider not buying Genesis or any other Wildcard product and signing this petition (not mine) https://www.change.org/p/wild-card-studios-reverse-wild-cards-unjust-mana-nerf/psf/promote_or_share?recruiter=1030071358 Also please make your displeasure known here and abroad, and bug them on Twitter, uncryo all your tames to lag official, and do anything else remotely annoying If any of the devs read this, how about bump ice beam damage range to 4/5 of turret range, and make it so the absolute edge of what they damage is still at 50% of point-blank damage. The dropoff is obnoxious as is and eliminates the entire point of having a ranged attack. For people who cry about them being too hard to kill, make it so manas take increased damage from turrets and guns. Get rid of the hard cap on jumps. Like just get rid of it. If you want to increase the per jump stamina scaling a bit, that's more agreeable. Or add a server setting for unofficial
  3. We have a few new people, but still looking for more. We'll be putting Genesis up next month
  4. We'll be putting Genesis up as soon as it comes out, so it's a good time to join while you still have a month or so to prep
  5. My private servers keep crashing since the update
  6. Halloween Event is running. Also added Brachiosaur and Acrocanthosaurus mods. Tweaked some flyer settings for balance with other modded flyers
  7. Added some new starter gear, and we have three bred tames that you can choose from, kinda like pokemon. Still looking for new people to join. Also going to be doing a color and xp event this weekend
  8. They'd have to alter the existing explorer notes. It says on one of them something about the station's lone guardian. You could argue that bosses are guardians and the overseer is something else above them, and sneak another boss in that way. Something like a overseer pharaoh-robot would be cool and appropriate. I'm surprised they didn't think to add a burrowing tame, like the dune thresher from Diablo. Or a giant tortoise similar to a titanosaur. Some kind of creature that's buffed by one or more weather conditions would be good too Me personally, I got bored on Scorch pretty quick, especially since most of the tames can be acquired on other maps. Generator decay didn't help either, although you can still get pretty consistent power with the right area and several wind turbines, last I checked. Probably wouldn't hurt to add a battery device to the game that for example, can provide one hour of power if powered for 10 hours, and give it a maximum power capacity of maybe 6-12 hours that it can power your stuff
  9. Swapped Crystal Isles out for the Island. Crystal is a bit derpy, and now we have Ascension. If anyone new joins, I can help with basic gear, and give you some stuff to help power level a bit
  10. Exactly. All hey have to do is add ascension and maybe a new tame or two with more viability than the Phoenix, and Scorch might actually be popular again. As it stands, WC could shut down every Scorch server, and hardly anybody would notice or care
  11. We've gotten a few new people on, but still looking for more. Got free sets of upgraded ghillie, metal tools, and some basic weapons to give out to newcomers, and I can help you get some eggs or basic tames
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