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  1. We ended up taming the them both with 2 meks with upgraded cannons. Used about 80 shells and some sniper rounds.
  2. Do you have a rough idea on the amount of rounds? We have 298 snipers and high lvl meks with 147dmg cannons
  3. I was curious as to how others are taming the forest and ice titan. Are snipers and ars viable, or meks with the siege cannon? We plan on trying to tame them this weekend.
  4. I have had that happen occasionally. I usually just reposition it a few times before jumping down.
  5. I've done the owl and hot bar gate method on all of our manas. It gets a bit rough sometimes, a few deaths as well.
  6. Good to know, we plan on attempting gamma this weekend with all 3 titans.
  7. Make sure you have some good flak and an owl for healing. Nasty things when they are mad!
  8. So far just wave 7 as our ice titan was about to die. We used the desert and ice titans. Seemed to work pretty well
  9. We use our meks with the cannon to tame the forest and ice titan.
  10. We use 2 gigas for 50k veins. Some healing in between waves. They are just 130 tames not bred
  11. That would suck if that was the case. Someone on our server tried to down it and failed... stuck with the red glow.
  12. Congrats! I haven't found dmg that high yet
  13. On our bred manas, we go for 10k hp, 500dmg and the rest into stam. On a tamed one I reccomend you get at least 3k stam.
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