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  1. I've been away for work and it seemed the server had a hardware fault.... Its back up now so relax haha
  2. Just a reminder guys ORP is disabled Sunday 9am to 9pm so prepare yourselves XD
  3. Hey all still looking for more players to join the community the servers great everyone is friendly so come join
  4. Hey welcome! I will eventually once I start getting a steady playerbase the new maps coming soon also so might open a cluster to that and grow from there but seriously thanks for all you guys playing it's aweosme!
  5. I just reduced the stack sizes and little haha should be better now...with the decor mods PS4 doesn't support them
  6. Just enable stack mod for you guys..sorry yeah works been busting my balls haha I'll get back on eventually just contact me through this I check it once a day so I'll get back to you guys eventually
  7. Nah not yet will probs be making a discord once things pick up... just hoping more people will join to build up the community I'm open to suggestions to improve the server also if anyone wants to leave their feedback
  8. The server still new so not to many players yet..got a few good people on it which is a great start !so thanks for giving it a try hope to chat ingame
  9. Thanks to the people who have joined still looking for a few more players to chill with
  10. Added abberation Dino's and extinction dinos to Ragnarok map.. until cluster severs have been organised thanks
  11. Servers back up and running yeah please come play always looking for new players so we can expand and grow into a community
  12. Mature rated X5 so imprinting is just as fast Merged (edit): Server is down for maintenance due to the recent update that has been released...will be back online asap Sorry and thanks for you patience to our current players
  13. Type casual game into the unofficial PC hosted section it will say casual game server X5
  14. Still looking for some people to populate the server
  15. CASUAL GAMING SERVER (PS4) Hey all Looking for a few friendly players to join us on this new server the servers aimed at causal players with higher rates and offline raid protection so you don't have to worry about getting your base/Dino's wiped overnight.. expect on purge day it's an Australian hosted server and has 24/7 Uptime Thanks for the interest the details are below Server Name: CASUAL GAMER SERVER X5 RATES, ORP, ROLEPLAY Map: Ragnarok Rates: X5 (Exp,Taming,Resources) Offline Raid Protection is active Purge day: Offline Raid disables every Sunday 9am to 9pm 24/7 Uptime
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