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  1. I have some 135+ tamed therezinos on my ragnarok server. They were used previously for breeding top dinos. I need elem for my tek gen soon, so I decided to do gamma boss with them. So i took 1 yuty, 15 theriz with 5 cakes each, 2 boss rexes and 2 tamed tek rexes. Killed boss, but there was no element at all in any dino. Theriz were full health, they spent only 2-3 cakes each. Boss Rexes were almost dead oO I decided to repeat next morning. Started boss fight and found that all my whistles keys were not working. Almost died from dimorfs and pteras, but managed to change settings for whistles. Killed boss at the end and got tek elems this time. Surprisingly all tamed sh*tty therezinos did better in fight than boss rexes and tek rexes. Rexes were died because got extra flame damage from dragon when i was changing settings, and also they stuck in golems. Theriz used 3-4 cakes and were on full health Oo.
  2. Hatched several hundreds therezino eggs during few weeks, was looking for melee mutation. Saw melee mutation 3 times and all times it was crap melee+1 from clean female. i have no clue why i stuck on this melee value. May be it is bugged or something, cannot get melee+1 from male melee.
  3. I want to do manticore boss fight on SE soon. So i was searching high level lighting wyvern eggs on ragnarok. Found 8 170-190 eggs. Need 12 more xD. I hope some of them will have nice color.
  4. Forgot to take eggs as usual , they hatched at 1 am. Wanted to sleep so lost newly mutated baby therezino...
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