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  1. BlackMambaM

    dungeon loot crates: cant find them

    Quality of surface drops is 165-370%, dungeon crates have 220-370%. So max quality is same, just surface drops have more blue and green items. There are 3 surface beacons in Southwest surface, i got all ascendant bps there, except rockdrake bp, only found yellow one. And there are plenty of hazmat suits also, the loot table is the same for surface and dungeons.
  2. BlackMambaM

    dungeon loot crates: cant find them

    there is 1 crate in red zone cave, it has expire timer, same as simple drop. There are several locations (8 or 9) where it can spawn. Basicly you need to go to cave every 30-40 min to check if it is appear in one of spawn locations video: But i suggest searching for drops in south west surface . It is better.
  3. BlackMambaM

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I have some 135+ tamed therezinos on my ragnarok server. They were used previously for breeding top dinos. I need elem for my tek gen soon, so I decided to do gamma boss with them. So i took 1 yuty, 15 theriz with 5 cakes each, 2 boss rexes and 2 tamed tek rexes. Killed boss, but there was no element at all in any dino. Theriz were full health, they spent only 2-3 cakes each. Boss Rexes were almost dead oO I decided to repeat next morning. Started boss fight and found that all my whistles keys were not working. Almost died from dimorfs and pteras, but managed to change settings for whistles. Killed boss at the end and got tek elems this time. Surprisingly all tamed sh*tty therezinos did better in fight than boss rexes and tek rexes. Rexes were died because got extra flame damage from dragon when i was changing settings, and also they stuck in golems. Theriz used 3-4 cakes and were on full health Oo.
  4. BlackMambaM

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Hatched several hundreds therezino eggs during few weeks, was looking for melee mutation. Saw melee mutation 3 times and all times it was crap melee+1 from clean female. i have no clue why i stuck on this melee value. May be it is bugged or something, cannot get melee+1 from male melee.
  5. BlackMambaM

    Dino download when capped

    Sometimes server is still capped even if you upload or kill few dinos. Happened several times.
  6. BlackMambaM

    Tips for starting in a PvP SERVER

    Level up your character on island, by collecting explorer notes. Search video in youtube "Ark: level up run 1 to 76 in less than 1h30 min" Tame ptera, argent, ankylo. Build few hidden 2x2 stone buildings. Wait till somebody finds you and wipe you. Repeat few times. Try to join tribe becasue solo experience in ark is not very exciting.
  7. Use weight drake, it will be more than 2k weight if level only weight and some stam. Or use teleporter if you are in large tribe.
  8. May be they are in alliance with that tribe so they can place structures?
  9. BlackMambaM

    Rex Stats

    BertNoobians, can you please explain what mutation method you using, so you mutate dinos so fast?
  10. BlackMambaM

    Ice Wyverns

    Try to kite ice wyv to the location where nest appears usually and leave it there.
  11. BlackMambaM

    Rex Stats

    They are chinese, so everythinhg is possible. May be they have 500 females and mutate them 24/7 xD.
  12. BlackMambaM

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I want to do manticore boss fight on SE soon. So i was searching high level lighting wyvern eggs on ragnarok. Found 8 170-190 eggs. Need 12 more xD. I hope some of them will have nice color.
  13. BlackMambaM

    Baby reapers and karkinos!

    yes, he takes all what you have in inventory (300 stacks max).
  14. BlackMambaM

    Defending our pillar base - how?

    Your therezino can easely go out when your base is out of render range and somebody comes near your base and it starts rendering. I suggest spamming metal gates/foundations/billboards near you base so enemy will need to blow up them before they reach your turrets with "stego". Also you need to reach 100 heavy/tek turrets limit. Place some turrets towers on cliff platforms near you base for example (at some height)
  15. BlackMambaM

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Forgot to take eggs as usual , they hatched at 1 am. Wanted to sleep so lost newly mutated baby therezino...