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  1. I did a little searching and it turns out that people say to use rare flowers in the caves and the little bastards just come out of the walls in flocks. And they did!!! Scored a bunch of the toxin in 1 run.
  2. I'm on the Island, somewhere in the south pacfic.
  3. This weekend was a productive one for me. Initially my "plan" was to raise some Rexs to fill the ranks of my army i lost to the dragon boss. I started off by popping 6 Rex eggs, i got 2 sets of twins. All rexs have 13.5khp and 500 dam. I then decided i need so new barys so i popped 2 eggs and got 2 more sets of twins. After they were done i breed 6 ravagers, did some trophy hunting for alpha monkey. And ground out the materials for 9 asc rex saddles. To finish my weekend i figured i would try a Alpha monkey kill, since my current rex army can down beta spider i thought it was a easy kill. Turns out i forgot to get the megalania posion. I could not find one of these bastards to save my life.
  4. You are correct, everything doesn't have to be easy. And that is not what i'm saying. I do at least 2 bosses a day, that requires getting all of the artifacts and having the rexs that i raise that also requires 100 hours of time. The reward factor could be better. Killing rare spawns doesn't have to be easy. I just prefer to be rewarded for time spent in this game. Not being kicked in the nuts for playing.
  5. I just started playing this game in January of 2018, i have a full time job and a family. We started out with a 3 man tribe. It took us 2 months to get from ground zero to a point where we can start raising dinos. Unfortunately my tribe mates stopped playing before the rex raising saga. So after raising 20 rexs i started my element grind. Now a single man tribe it really is more work then i would like to put in for so little reward. I'm still only able to do gamma brood and monkey i lost 20 dinos to the gamma dragon and had to start over ( almost quit there) breeding rexs. I played wow and other mmo games and they all seem to have a rare boss system out in the world that is ok. I don't see why Ark couldn't do some kind of loot chest or rare spawn mechanic something to difficult for a player that can't at least kill a boss.
  6. Today was just a continuation of my ice cave prepping. We made 400 shotgun shells and 50 grap hooks. On the dilo army we got lucky and popped 4 females with lvls of 190 each so the strength of that squad just doubled. Half of the dilos will be 150+ the other half will be 250+ hopefully they wreck shop in there.
  7. I started my army of lvl 150+ dilos. So far i have 10 out of the 30, i'm going to try in the ice cave on the island. I will have to lvl them up to get their hp to about 3500. But the base lvl's are 150+ with 700hp and 350% dps.
  8. I took out a argy with with extreme prejudice after it killed 2 of my pteras and 1 tape that where in a building that the bird spawned into..............
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