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  1. Ramshacklecloth

    Tell your favorite time for an earthquake

    While trying to feed freshly popped otters
  2. Ramshacklecloth

    C4 rafts on pvp

    Take c4 off of rafts and make it to where we can build in water.
  3. Ramshacklecloth

    Giga size

    That sad moment when you realize the giganotosaurus was smaller than a T. rex and was most likely a pack hunter...
  4. Ramshacklecloth

    Dino Names

    I get a lot of names from GoT
  5. Ramshacklecloth

    The Earth is flat!

    Water is not wet
  6. Ramshacklecloth

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Let a nice broad get me preggo
  7. If a raptor comes after you then just run under a paracer or stego. Once you die and spawn in the stego or paracer will have killed the raptor.
  8. Ramshacklecloth

    Any news on Switch release?

    Will it have all th dlc?