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  1. Cant transfer off 1252? Anyone else not able to transfer off xbox official servers? I tried transmitter and mission kiosk.
  2. Lunar cave blocking The big lunar cave 40.2 25.6 on our server 1252 is gated. I thought this was suppose to be fixed?
  3. Mine will work but I have to wait over 12000 days and 13 hours...
  4. Our PVE Genesis server has the entire snow biome pillared by one tribe. Not a section of it, but literally the entire biome.... The tribes that started building there were pillared in by the tribe to drive them out of the snow.
  5. I've got 395 on Xbox official. I've seen 425 but he wanted PayPal only.
  6. I'm gonna go with the giga, but not as a rider. My base isn't in a safe location so a giga on follow allows me to farm stats safe.
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