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  1. 1065 has been unplayable for 4 days. Now
  2. Veins are broke again. Tribemate claimed a 25 k and once completed he was farming the smaller nodes on a mantis and a random farmed out the big node on another mantis. Pve official btw
  3. Some cave things can be tamed just FYI.
  4. Had it happen to us before on rag from blue ob so we started going to red and green instead. Guy jumped in and was teleported tribemate was left out and actually quit ark for it.
  5. I've got 395 on Xbox official. I've seen 425 but he wanted PayPal only.
  6. So I have 2 groups of friends on same server. Can I be in both tribes at same time if. I use an alternate character? I'm not tribe leader of. Either.
  7. Not sure hoarding will be a problem with pods now and kibble rework.
  8. It has reduced the value of black pearls but other than that I see no issue. Feed gacha for an hour get 1k ings or do a metal run for an hour and get 10k ings.... Up to you
  9. I think it crashed. Honestly I'm about done with extinction. This server issue is absolute garbage.
  10. As of this morning NA1063 is still extinct as is the customer support team.
  11. I'm gonna go with the giga, but not as a rider. My base isn't in a safe location so a giga on follow allows me to farm stats safe.
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