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  1. This weekend fathers day special event... 5X Harvesting
  2. Has Atlas left you wanting? If so no worries.. Our ARK Cluster is available to all!! No Heavy Grinding needed 5X Taming, 5X Maturation, 1.5 Baby Mature rate, 3X Harvesting, 3X XP, All mods are quality of life and make it easy for single person tribe to survive. Join us and have some Fun!
  3. Lots of friendly people playing join us on discord and have fun for a change
  4. Texas Best Server cluster All 9 maps 5x Tame, 5x Maturation 3x XP Great players looking for more great players!
  5. Our Server ranks: https://serverranks.com/ark/1/search?title=texas+Best+Cluster&ip=&country=&players=0 Join us
  6. Texas Best Cluster All 9 Maps Texas Best PVP Server Cluster Want to be a part of something bigger then Life? Join us in a unique environment . PVP allowed but not tribe wipes. No Fear of going to bed and having nothing left to show for your work. We are a Community of gamers here to enjoy the game. Still wondering? Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/rRX5C7S All 9 Maps Available! Mod Files Located at : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198027915780/myworkshopfiles/?section=collections&appid=346110 After subscribing to the mods click on the links below to the server of you Choice: Ragnarok: https://texasbestragnarok.arkers.io/ Extinction: https://texas-best-extinction.arkers.io/ Valguero: https://texasbestvalguero.arkers.io/ Island: https://texasbestisland.arkers.io/ Center: https://texasbestcenter.arkers.io/ Abberation: https://texasbestabberation.arkers.io/ Scorched Earth https://texasbestscorchedearth.arkers.io/ Genesis: https://texasbestgenesis.arkers.io/ Crystal Isles: https://texasbestclustercrystalisles.arkers.io/ Don't want to join our servers and want to start your Own? Use Promo Code: TEXASBESTGAMING Great prices at: https://arkservers.io/?r=pgixfx
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