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  1. Help our Community to grow Full Server Cluster to accommodate all who come. Less stress PVP without fear of a tribe wipe
  2. Fear Evolved Event is now active on all servers folks so join us !
  3. Come on in and enjoy a little PVP with no tribe wipes. Learn to tame dragons and build the castle of your dreams. or maybe you are more into steampunk and want to build the ultimate Steampunk base. Whatever your choices there is plenty of decor to give it a PVE feel with full PVP benefits
  4. Replaced the Castle,Keeps, and Forts to the new remastered version much cleaner and fully updated Already added to my Mod pack https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1782658779 Join us for more fun Full Cluster all Maps Available and New maps Available soon as released (ie: Genesis) Want your own servers Cheap? https://arkservers.io/ark?r=pgixfx Great company!
  5. Join us for the Fun PVP is active always 3 x Tame, Breed,etc to make it interesting but not to easy (or hard). Only one rule... No Tribe Wipes Dragontails was added for the individual in mind so that they can farm and protect themselves much easier.
  6. At request of my players I have added one more mod that used to be on my old servers. It truly helps the individual players to get thru the game alone : DRAGONTAILS
  7. Come and join us and enjoy the game the way it was meant to be
  8. So same News Basically we have a full cluster available for your convenience. Family server for all. Even small kids will have no fear of playing here ( my grandson plays on server as well he is 8). So feel free to join us and have fun with a little excitement from time to time. In the future I will have arenas for jousting or basically controlled Pvp as well. Also take suggestions to make the environment even more fun.
  9. Welcome to our new visitors enjoy your play on the servers. Others feel free to come join low stress ARK fun.
  10. Join us and play without fear PVP is active but tribe wipes are not allowed. Small quite comunity of people who just like to play without all the drama
  11. Aberration has been added to the cluster join us on all the maps
  12. Join us and have some fun we welcome all to the servers
  13. A+ TX Best PVP Full Cluster Server 3x, Tame Breed, Xp Have all maps as well As Drogons Click on the links to the web page for the server of choice and hit Join has all mods listed on web page. Join us and have fun without fear of tribe wipes. http://texaspvpclusterisland.arkers.io/ http://texaspvpclusterscorched.arkers.io/ http://texaspvpclusterextinction.arkers.io/ http://texaspvpclusterragnarok.arkers.io/ http://texaspvpclustercenter.arkers.io/ http://texaspvpclustervalguero.arkers.io/ http://texaspvpclusteraberration.arkers.io/ We have our own Discord: https://discord.gg/7aWup3P I personally can be contacted and messaged thru Discord Mod Pack also available pre-download to make joining even easier: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1782658779 Join us to have fun and relaxation to build and PVP without fear of a tribe wipe! A+ Texas Best PVP Server Cluster 3x Enjoy no drama Servers and build to your hearts desire. Friendly atmosphere Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/7aWup3P http://texaspvpclusterisland.arkers.io/ Island http://texaspvpclusterscorched.arkers.io/ Scorched Earth http://texaspvpclusterextinction.arkers.io/ Extinction http://texaspvpclusterragnarok.arkers.io/ Ragmarok http://texaspvpclustercenter.arkers.io/ Center http://texaspvpclustervalguero.arkers.io/ Valquero Can join at any of these websites and transfer to any part of the cluster as well Aberation may come later should enough people want it a well Mods on these Servers: Dragontail
  14. Wonderful 6 maps all but Aberation (no need with Val) but will start it if everyone shows enough interest. Join us in a worry free environment. Absolutely no tribe wipes allowed but PVP just the same
  15. Always looking for more players to join us
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