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  1. Can someone clarify this for me? We aren't actually getting access to mods but are getting them added to the core game as new content? So if I wanted something like Aku Shima or Bridge I can only have it on pc unless it gets added as new content? If that's the case it's not as good as I was hoping for. I like the map and can't wait for it as after 1600+ hours over pc and XB1 I'm bored of The Ark but Primitive Plus doesn't interest me. Hopefully this changes once the game is finished and released because there are mods I want to use that probably stand no chance of ever being added.
  2. Wrong. I've used 360 and XB1 controllers and both work perfectly. They even make a wired 360 For PC controller that is identical to a standard wired 360 controller.
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