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  1. When using admin commands the first button push isn't registering. eg If you use the command "fly" you need to hit it twice for it to work. Same goes for spawning items or creatures.
  2. Trying to build in the Hidden Lake and can't build in certain places. As you look at the ledge from the water you are unable to build on the right hand side. My base is as close to that as you can get and now I can't add railings to the foundations on one corner. I also have a bridge crossing the lake with a fishing/outdoor cooking area under it and I have the same issue with not being able to place railings. This is single player Primitive + on XB1. Foundations on ledge - https://screenshotscontent-t2002.xboxlive.com/xuid-2533274806815254-private/83fcb56f-aaad-4de6-a61c-c76e6aa084
  3. Primitive Plus Lumber ceiling engram is under wood, not lumber. Can't walk through a lumber doorway if it has a lumber wall above it when going from lumber foundation to lumber ceiling. Doorway is just too low. Only way is to duck. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/holden4ever/video/33823533 Tried unlocking basic campfire and it wouldn't let me. Had to unlock cooking pot in order to unlock campfire. Other engrams also affected.
  4. Thanks. I still think it's a stupid decision to lock it.
  5. Most of the bugs I've encountered have already been listed so I'll just post my issues. 1 - locking The Centre map This is a ridiculous decision. I've been playing on that map since it was released and now I'm not allowed to until I jump through hoops? I know there's a code to unlock it (which doesn't work) but why is this even a thing to begin with? 2 - forcing nerfs/buffs on single player/non-dedicated/dedicated players Again, another really stupid decision. So much for "play the game how you want to play". Just add back the ability to level up speed on flie
  6. Can someone clarify this for me? We aren't actually getting access to mods but are getting them added to the core game as new content? So if I wanted something like Aku Shima or Bridge I can only have it on pc unless it gets added as new content? If that's the case it's not as good as I was hoping for. I like the map and can't wait for it as after 1600+ hours over pc and XB1 I'm bored of The Ark but Primitive Plus doesn't interest me. Hopefully this changes once the game is finished and released because there are mods I want to use that probably stand no chance of ever being added.
  7. Wrong. I've used 360 and XB1 controllers and both work perfectly. They even make a wired 360 For PC controller that is identical to a standard wired 360 controller.
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