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  1. Just deciphered the latest batch, this is with the transmitter emitting or recieving a red beam. All pillars still say AP Uplink Established or whatever, that hasn't changed, the new text starting from left to right reads: Specimen Simulation mode: Cooperative Specimen Maintenence Protocol: Updated Host System Directive: Updated Resolution Schema: Updated (Schema is an actual word and means Plan) Change Authorization 724ea9458D40FBBF verified Ecological Conditions: Predictive The rotating text around the beam is very tricky, when it pans into view and is easy to make out as
  2. Looks like it updated again. I think I'll let someone else handle it since it's midnight and I'm tired.
  3. The only thing I can think of to say about this that might have an ounce of hope as a counter arguement is that one graduate kid on Aberration that "spawned" in thought it was a dream and jumped off a cliff to wake up because he had the same dream or a similar one "a few nights ago". If he's not a clone, then someone flarped up that artificial memory seeding algorithm.
  4. We're on an Island ark for the overseer boss fight, you look out the main overseer window slightly to the left, there's another Island ark. That makes at least two of them. Nevermind the uncountable amount of island ark's you fly thru on your way to scorched earth in the ending cinematic.
  5. Question, where did Ark Genesis come from? Is that the community moniker for the next DLC without being confirmed, or did a dev leak the title somewhere
  6. I knew something was wrong but it kept giving me YScheck, I wasn't getting an S to start
  7. Also since we're here and this is a Theory megathread... I think I know why there's no water. I had an epiphany while watching that video from Anthomnia. Where he saw that scar/canyon and there was visible water in it? What if... that's the Mariana Trench, the deepest point in the ocean in the modern day, now the last source of free water? Anyways, slightly off topic, bringing it back. What if the reason there's no water is because of the Element? I think, element needs water. Bear with me here, in Aberration we see water go over a waterfall and turn into pools of element. It's healthy a
  8. I got a simple one. The island Ark that landed is the original ark we started on assuming we played it in order right? How many of us have cloning chambers and teleporters at our home base? Problem solved (those are still standing as the ark's come to rest on the surface)
  9. I think all in all we can safely say, AP, Arat Prime, is still standing, and functional no less otherwise there wouldn't be a response. This means the following: Arat Prime must have an Active (and stable) Power grid. Any computational systems within would not be able to respond while sputtering and rebooting every 8-10 seconds like Sanctuary's damaged power grid. Arat Prime must have some kind of Overseer, Whether organic, Homo Deus, Homo Sapien (Diana and Mei were heading there) or A.I Based like the Ark Overseers. Arat Prime's data uplink is of high security. While yes anything wi
  10. Just to recap every message we've seen so far is as follows "This Is Not Ark 2 Init AP Uplink AP secure connection Decrypting Incoming Datastream Verify UID Fingerprint 24ea9458ED40XXX Command Elevation Request Granted Command Recieved YSCheck Processing..."
  11. Latest video update has "AP Secure Connection" on the main banner, currently decoding background banners Background Banner left side "Decrypting Incoming Datastream" Background Banner 2nd from the left "Verify UID Fingerbrint 24ea9458ED40XXX" (ID number may not be exact) UID User ID? Background Banner 2nd from right "Command Elevation Request Granted" Background Banner far right (hardest to make out due to interference) "Command Recieved yscheck" (yscheck may not be entirely accurate but entering the code 5 times gave the same result each time so I might just be blin
  12. Update to the above post about the holographic banners that move, To further complicate the issue, the text is upside down, it's easiest to see at 5 seconds in on the right side pillar where you can invert the camera in the video BUT, the text is obstructed. However, I can say the last 9 characters of the LONGEST string of text are S D A S W A W A S (this is the encrypted character, not the decoded character) While this itself doesn't translate to anything in the Ark Decoder, IF, there are existing Ark Codes that have the 3rd column ending in those characters, then this is a repeat of t
  13. Well there's an easy way to find out, @Survivetheark appears in the Hall of History, a quick comparison of that banner to this one will tell you if it's the same text, the shading of encrypted characters and length of the banner should be similar if it is, even if you can't directly translate this new cutscene's banner due to resolution.
  14. Hey question, has anyone been able to decipher the more faint holographic text that keeps moving around on the pillar's holographic banners? I don't think it's the same string of text as "Init AP Uplink" since there's only two rows of text, not 3. My monitor is too fuzzy and small to decipher it otherwise I'd do it myself.
  15. In all honesty this thing resembles that hole in the ground during the Extinction ending cinematic where the beam comes out with the transmission to bring all the Ark's back to Earth. What if we're looking at the transmitter at the bottom of that hole? It'd have to establish an uplink to Arat Prime, what we've guessed to be the main control unit OR manufacturing center for the Arks, and then Arat Prime gives the all clear like Mission Control, with our current Extinction location being an outlying outpost or observation/research site. (Thereby not having technical authority to issue the recall
  16. Update, decoded the transmission I think, trying to post a picture of what I got but site is giving me an error -200 code for trying to attach a picture. Yeah it won't upload. but what I'm getting is Init AP Uplink Initialize Arat Prime Uplink?
  17. The thing is now emitting a beam like a laser cannon, Gauss cannon, engine exhaust or a transmitter beam now, video was updated
  18. Still waiting for a belt fed LMG and a grenade launcher attachment for assault rifles. On a serious note I do want to think of coding oversights. I haven't been to the beta branch so I have these questions Longneck: Tranq darts, shock darts, and pheromone darts still have a coded dmg value, and their torp dmg is based off the quality of the rifle's dmg value. Can someone confirm whether or not tranqs and shocks will now actually do *less* damage, due to having a multiplier in effect? (Armor doesn't reduce incoming torp unless it's riot armor, as a result, I'm worried the engine's logic wi
  19. USA USA USA Sorry couldn't help it.
  20. I think Thanos snapping the meshers is a perfectly viable term. The snap only wipes out half of all meshers in the universe and now that you've said it, reforge the admin rifle model into an infinity gauntlet
  21. *Lands on ruined earth. *See's titan's everywhere. *Was told by ??? to "reboot" the system and notices corrupted living things everywhere. *Re-enacts the very ending of the original Planet of the Apes. Except the horse is a dragon.
  22. Everyone ready for cold? I'm seeing quite a bit of ice. So far (officially) we've had tropics (normal temps across biomes) A desert (Hot day cold night) Underground world (Warm but easily manigable) and now this, I'm going to guess "colder" otherwise that fur armor set will go down in history as "situational" being the only armor to raise cold resistance considerably, very singular use due to cold being confined to one biome on an official map, two more on expansion non-cannon maps. (Mountains of The Center and Murder Snow/ Murder murder snow of Ragnarok) Even the dragon has fur.
  23. "When you reach the barren gardens below, look for my sign. I have a gift for you - a powerful weapon, long since lost. I think you’ll like it." -??? Note 12
  24. I still maintain at the current moment there are two blue obelisks, the broken one in this teaser pic, and the original cinematic Do I make anything of this? I think it's reasonable to assume there may be more than 3 obelisks with the rumors flying around that this will be the biggest map for ARK yet, but I also think it's equally reasonable to think that they havent yet retextured some of the obelisks, I cite some modded maps since it isn't uncommon to see maps with 3 green obelisks, or 3 reds. I think even ragnarok for a while before it was officially released had 3 greens.
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