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    Even More Extinction Teasers!

    Everyone ready for cold? I'm seeing quite a bit of ice. So far (officially) we've had tropics (normal temps across biomes) A desert (Hot day cold night) Underground world (Warm but easily manigable) and now this, I'm going to guess "colder" otherwise that fur armor set will go down in history as "situational" being the only armor to raise cold resistance considerably, very singular use due to cold being confined to one biome on an official map, two more on expansion non-cannon maps. (Mountains of The Center and Murder Snow/ Murder murder snow of Ragnarok) Even the dragon has fur.
  2. "When you reach the barren gardens below, look for my sign. I have a gift for you - a powerful weapon, long since lost. I think you’ll like it." -??? Note 12
  3. JasonTheCTM

    Brand New Extinction Teasers!

    I still maintain at the current moment there are two blue obelisks, the broken one in this teaser pic, and the original cinematic Do I make anything of this? I think it's reasonable to assume there may be more than 3 obelisks with the rumors flying around that this will be the biggest map for ARK yet, but I also think it's equally reasonable to think that they havent yet retextured some of the obelisks, I cite some modded maps since it isn't uncommon to see maps with 3 green obelisks, or 3 reds. I think even ragnarok for a while before it was officially released had 3 greens. My last and most unlikely and outlandish theory I got is the possibility of a dynamic evolving map. What if the obelisks can be damaged/destroyed in this iteration? What if summoning the frost titan causes the obelisk terminal platform to get damaged, or fall into a chasm and take the obelisk with it, etc. We havent seen Ark do this yet and the possibility is way out there, but nevertheless, it would still be a real albiet remote possibility.
  4. JasonTheCTM

    Brand New Extinction Teasers!

    Wait a minute, are all the Obelisks blue on this map, because I could have sworn the one from the video trailer in the shielded area was blue too Actually I take that back, in the acension cinematic for Aberration we do arrive at a green/yellow obelisk. Wait, possibility of more than 3 obelisks? Just maybe... not all of them functioning?
  5. Fuzzback wyvern with some elemental influence in the chest region. Interesting. I'm guessing a few things from it's body type. 1, lean and mean flyer, so its fast and has a tight turning radius, everything the standard wyvern does not. Possibly has glide support like a griffin. 2. Aqua Wyvern, the ability to swim in deep water much more efficiently than the rock drake can, and the normal wyvern wont even try. The wings look considerably smaller than that of the wyvern, more akin to that of a drake in size but with membrane wings rather than feathered ones. So swimming dragon (main) with glide support? 3. Happy middle ground between drake (can only glide but extremely more useful on land or sea) and the wyvern (the jet fighter of the sky, especially the lightning variant.) 4th slim posibility. Shoulder mounted dragon pet. Because why not. Doesnt have a size chart on it and it's slim anyways. Possibly seeker sized or even smaller. I for one would accept midget dragons to ride on my shoulder.