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  1. Prototype Obelisks So just thought it'd be neat if some kind of overhaul could be done to Extinction, or even Genesis before it releases. Extinction's Obelisks are prototypes right? I think it'd be pretty cool and fitting to see the actual prototype models that were discarded (but still in the dev kit) for those Obelisks rather than the normal, "modern" model we have now. Maybe even the ooold Obelisk model from Alpha playtesting days.
  2. Server Trouble report (no idea which thread) So on PC, official servers, been having alot of issues with PVE The Center 352 the last few days, server yesterday by itself was down for 10 hours straight, and now it's down again, before it went down everyone's been rubberbanding like crazy and getting kicked for bad connections. Not sure where to post this but uh, we'd like to play without rollbacks Pls & Thx
  3. Implants function as a cryopod So just a simple idea that'd be sweet, Having your implant for your character function as a cryopod. It doesn't run out of juice, if you die and respawn, the dino is still in your implant. If someone grabs your dead implant, there's nothing in it. This allows 2 things. 1. A personal dino that you will never loose unless it dies while deployed. It allows you to legitimately own something rather than psuedo-ownership that is always questionable due to the fact people are untrustworthy by nature and will eventually steal from you via exploit or raid, given a chance. 2. A single dino, and one dino only that survives Autodecay. Want to quit the game but might want to come back later, at the same time aren't interested in starting over from complete scratch? Store your giga in your implant, or your wyvern, or your Doed or whatever. You only get one so choose wisely.
  4. Honestly this game just gets more cutthroat as time passes. PVP spilling over into PVP because players are lazy and they think its funny, now it's tribal war abuse, but what next? At what point is it going to stop? As long as Player 1 can disrupt player 10 in any way, people will do it, you need only look at human history, we're a bunch of A$$holes by nature. I hate to say it but anymore playing PVE, you might as well play the game *as if* you were playing PVP because at some point someone somewhere is going to start shart. I mean on extinction we literally have to have a Tek Forcefield on at max settings ON PVE (which is expensive as Hell's air conditioning bill) Because it has render priority so no one can lag thru it and steal our Giga eggs.It's not ok, it's not fun, I play PVE because I can only log on once or twice a week if that, not play 24/7 because at any moment we can get bombed by C4 turtles, dodos with swamp fever, Lagagarmrs and titans.
  5. HLN-A is Navi from Zelda "Hey, Oi! Over here, Hey you! Hey survivor!"
  6. Just deciphered the latest batch, this is with the transmitter emitting or recieving a red beam. All pillars still say AP Uplink Established or whatever, that hasn't changed, the new text starting from left to right reads: Specimen Simulation mode: Cooperative Specimen Maintenence Protocol: Updated Host System Directive: Updated Resolution Schema: Updated (Schema is an actual word and means Plan) Change Authorization 724ea9458D40FBBF verified Ecological Conditions: Predictive The rotating text around the beam is very tricky, when it pans into view and is easy to make out as it isn't shimmering, it has only three lines of text and it reads Subsystem Guardian Specimen When it pans infront of the beam or the timer, making it illedgible, it's been deciphered based on common symbols, that it also reads Change Authorization 724ea9458D40FBBF verified As it matches the length, and starting symbols of that very message, however the resolution, even at max resolution with the data beam and timer makes it impossible to tell, there is no good angle to view the rotating 4 text lines.
  7. It's not where I left it and on singleplayer I've been under the map where it fell down, there's nothing below it. Suppose I could try going to 50/50 but I doubt that'll work
  8. Please be more lenient about despawning in dungeons So I was in The Center lava cave on official servers, PVE, and I jumped across lava on my rock drake at the same time as a lag spike. When the lag spike ended, I was swimming in the lava (I had 500 HP, the drake had 15,000 ish) and so I swam to the cliff while "OHpoopOHpoopOHpoop" and my drake made it to the wall and began to climb up it but I died. Now, the drake is on the wall and safely out of harms way right? BEFORE I CAN RESPAWN, I WATCH IT BLIP OUT OF EXISTANCE (you can still see the area where you died while selecting a bed to respawn at). It just up and goes poof. Despawns. Didn't die, didn't register as a death in the tribe log, just... poof. There goes my mastercraft desert cloth gear, my mastercraft revolver and sword, my climbing picks, a stack of ammo, and whatever loot I'd grabbed at the time. Not to mention the drake's tek saddle. I then report this to support and they tell me I'm out of luck because I fell into lava. I WOULDN'T HAVE FALLEN INTO LAVA IF I DIDN'T LAG TELEPORT. I also wouldn't be mad if you didn't despawn my dino when it was in a safe zone. Please... rework caves so your crap doesn't despawn that fast. We've got grappling hooks and tek armor, give us a chance to rescue our stuff.
  9. That wasn't a simple defeat though, the force of the tek nuke annihilated the entire control tower. Even if the overseer did come back, its command center has been decapitated from the rest of the Ark, rendering it useless. In addition if you look at the top of the tower, you can't even see the overseer's command center, like it jettisoned or blew itself to bits. As for boss respawning mechanics, Scorched Earth. Helena talks about how Raia had the keys to leave the ark from defeating the manticore in times prior, and the chief of the raiders Rockwell was with slayed it during their stay as well.
  10. Rockwell became part of the "System" but took partial control of it, Aberration is still carrying out the Ark program but on his terms for his own rules. As a "boss" of the Ark, Rockwell is now tied to Ascension and so will be resurrected as many times as need be as mandated by the Ark's programming, one of the things Rockwell can't alter (yet). If Aberration crashing didn't Obliterate the computer systems inside, it would've resurrected him yet again. And then there's always a chance the sentient Element could've resurrected him by itself since it needs a new "king titan" after the defeat of it's primary champion.
  11. I just want to slide this into the whole Helena Walker debate, What if The One who Waits was the original Helena Walker before the Ark's launched, she was elected to the Homo Deus program for whatever reason and ascended. The Helena Walker we know is a clone of the original Helena Walker, the clone ran around on the arks and was able to experience regular humanity once again, companionship, awe, depression, loss, grief, gratitude, etc. On extinction when she finds a special white artifact and inserts it into her implant and she's taken to the tomb of ascension, what if Old Homo deus helena and the clone merge, resurrecting her identity by merging her base humanity to her ascended form once more? Sort of like a fountain of youth effect. At that point Homo Deus helena re-awakens as a being with intellect, memories of the old Helena, Memories of the new, one who has lived in both past and present, memories that aren't very well sorted and so she can't remember if it's 2008 or 2008+x amount of years that have gone by? This would both allow her to have knowledge and participation of the ark program at its inception, as well as to have a personal relationship with Mei and Diana, and Rockwell.
  12. Looks like it updated again. I think I'll let someone else handle it since it's midnight and I'm tired.
  13. The only thing I can think of to say about this that might have an ounce of hope as a counter arguement is that one graduate kid on Aberration that "spawned" in thought it was a dream and jumped off a cliff to wake up because he had the same dream or a similar one "a few nights ago". If he's not a clone, then someone flarped up that artificial memory seeding algorithm.
  14. We're on an Island ark for the overseer boss fight, you look out the main overseer window slightly to the left, there's another Island ark. That makes at least two of them. Nevermind the uncountable amount of island ark's you fly thru on your way to scorched earth in the ending cinematic.
  15. Question, where did Ark Genesis come from? Is that the community moniker for the next DLC without being confirmed, or did a dev leak the title somewhere
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