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  1. Ps4 whistle follow all When you whistle all stop it does a double whistle of whistle follow all on the island. Please fix!
  2. All the EU maps are down. Hubby is sad because now he lost him imprint times.
  3. Having the maturation boosted rates during valentine’s or the life event more often would be awesome! Some of us have so little time and the pods have helped, but then big dinos take sooo long! I’m sure a lot of people have lost some of the their large tames and it can be daunting to replace them on a busy schedule.
  4. So my husband and I are raising new Dino’s from the Easter event. He unpodded the triplet juvenile yuty’s, Rex and mana. The Rex and 2 out of the 3 triplets died. They starved out. This isn’t the first time this has happened where our juvenile Dino’s died even though they were in trough. What’s up with this when you unpod juveniles half of them die?
  5. The owl looks awesome! Excited to see what it can do and if it is night boosted creature, or a titan. Curious what it’s kibble will be though? I hope they make it a Yuty egg kibble. That egg keeps stacking and stacking in my fridge... at this rate we will have fridges full the way we breed, lol! ? It’s absolutely useless other than adding it to a recipe of your own for healing purposes, lol!
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