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    Crystal nodes

    sorry if this has been brought up before but is there any chance the amount of crystal given from nodes can be increased? Go out farming and walking from blue to green and back you get about 10k gems and only about 1-2k crystal. Considering how crystal intensive the higher grade hazard suits are crystal on Ab is a proper headache
  2. I'm actually done with this game! After getting all 3 add ons i have to say i feel we paid a lot for not a lot. Scorched was good, ab was ok in bits but way too hard to get out and extinction is full of Godzilla titans, power ranger mechs and dinos that can wipe your base in seconds no matter what its made of! 3 times we have rebuilt our base now and thats on PvE! It's PvP on a PvE server, literally no need to make corrupted so OP. Servers are just full of idiots kiting corrupted to peoples bases or triggering drops they cant handle and wyverns flying everywhere! I'm done! Rather than fix the existing problems you have just hopped on the money machine and bled people dry with a broken game. Listen to your customers before releasing below average DLC! Even the mod maps on PC are better than most of your DLC
  3. i reported this the day extinction went live and as yet haven't heard anything, wouldn't be to bothered if i hadn't paid for them
  4. without kicking off or swearing this is really poor wc. You've been spouting on about this for nearly a year. You've had more than enough time to perfect any flaws it may have. This is just one of many reasons why i have given up on this game. As a console player we get no mods, maps, graphical updates or anything! Even without adding stuff like S+ we should at least get the extra maps!? When you see all the mods/maps available all it makes people wonder is why you couldn't have made the game like that to begin with??? For nearly a year i have been messaging for the water in ab to be fixed, water reflection when flying high up yet these issues get ignored. You're expecting people to pump money into your game even though your customer service is pretty much non existent! Even to this day 28hrs for a giga irritates me so much its unreal! Some of us don't have that kind of time and yet when we do how are we rewarded? Oh yes that's right they glitch out with food in! Bravo wild card!
  5. even if we never see S+ could you at least put some of the maps on console like you did with rag ?
  6. lmao, beat me to it! You wait until you've stayed awake 27hrs of 28 with a baby giga only for it to starve with food in only for it not to be replace
  7. Instead of adding teleporters to ab can't you just increase drop spawns or make a terminal in each biome so people can actually get out! Literally spent 5 days in ab because I can't find a drop!? Also the bright white (supposed to be subtle pink!) water goin down to drake den! Along with the lag in the official servers as soon as they have 20+ players online there are more things stopping me want to play than keeping me hooked
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