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  1. But this was over a year ago. Ark has been released, and after this next DLC, wildcard is gonna be looking for another game to work on. This should be the next project afterwards
  2. About a year ago, the spin off for Ark, Ark: Survival of the fittest, was cancelled. The problem of SOTF was the fact that matches took a very long time, there was only one map, and there was no way for wildcard to profit off of the game. It was free to play with no buyable cosmetics. The game was also outdated compared to the normal game, as about 50% of the creatures in the base game were not in SOTF Here are my solutions to this issue. -get rid of the free to play SOTF and replace it with a new game, which I’ll call Ark: Combat Evolved (ACE). A price tag of about 30-45 dollars would be appropriate -release more game modes such as an arena wave mode where dinosaurs come from an arena, and you have to be the last of 12 people to survive -Create more cosmetics for ACE, which can only be acquired if you buy loot boxes containing the item. Players would be able to import these cosmetics into the base Ark game. The only thing is that these cosmetics are gonna have to make the dinosaur/player look good, or else people won’t buy loot boxes -the base game of ACE should still have the normal SOTF mode, but with around 5-10 different maps -make special maps available to people who bought the DLC such as Scorched Earth and Aberration -The UI and dinosaurs should be updated to how they are in the up to date base game. The TLC should really improve them -New weapons and possibly even creatures in the game. And possibly add a way for people to have the game to import them into the normal Ark These are my ideas. I might make another thread on the specifics of the game. Let me know what u guys think #revivesotf
  3. No I mean the Parasaur. It’s getting a tlc buff that will allow it to scare small dinosaurs away with a roar. It’s shown that it can scare raptors but I think it’s a little too strong. It should atleast have some sort of cool down btw I’m loving the new TLC dinosaurs. You guys really are listening to all of our suggestions!
  4. I feel like the para may be a little too strong. I don’t think it should scare anything the size of a raptor and above. It should only be able to scare dilos, pegos, and ichthyornis
  5. This is just a minor suggestion, but can you make it so that doeds and megaloceros can gather berries. it would also be cool if you can add chalicotherium and Oviraptor to scorched earth. I feel they would fit in pretty well. this is a minor thing, but can you maybe make it so that you can form alliances with ORP on. It’s kinda annoying to not be able to do boss fights with non tribe members
  6. Wait.....but they already are.... I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but it got a new model and new abilities
  7. No straight lines in nature you say? I’m assuming u mean no straight lines in colorizarion, Because skunks, tapirs, many snakes and lizards, fish, eagles, hyenas.... i could go on, but u get the point. Also, is it really “natural” to have bright blue and red wolves? No, because they’re mutations. You can just tame creatures with colors u like
  8. I don’t know why everyone basing ark’s dinosaurs off real ones. They have been highly altered and may not even be “true” dinosaurs, but an animal that has been genetically engineered convergently and based on raptors. I personally think that it doesn’t need to be covered with feathers, but the ones on the arm should extend to the shoulder
  9. Agreed. The feathers should definitely go up to the shoulder. Also it’d be cool if there were sexual dimorphism between the male and female, with the females not having feathers. Maybe do something similar with the compy
  10. I agree with a lot of ur ideas, however I have some suggestions im not too big of a fan of the idea of the ghille effect. It makes it too similar to the pachyrhinosaurus i still think it’s kibble should be changed, and it should still be easier to tame one more idea is that it reduces the weight of guns, armor and weapons in its inventory everything else I 100% agree with
  11. Here are some more of my suggestions (along with some of them summed up) The toad should be able to deal torpor damage when creatures attack it due to its toxic skin Dino’s that can’t gather berries like megaloceros and doedicurus should be able to gather berries for food The raptor should get a remodel and maybe some sort of new attack like a kick, and a pack buff para should have a honk ability that buffs small theropods like raptors and troodons and give a temporary speed boost. The base speed should also be improved slightly so the tamed ones are the same speed as the wild ones The direwolf’s howl should also buff hyenas Dimetrodon is way too hard to tame with such little use. They need to be improved dramatically one of the things that drives me away from Dino’s like the chalico, Trike, and pachyrhinosaurus is that they have poor stamina and speed. I think that a slight increase in speed and stamina for these Dino’s would make the game a lot more balanced Also, Can we get a player model TLC? I honestly feel that a lot of the animations for the players are kinda unrealistic.
  12. I think that instead of para having an alarm call ability, i think it would be cool if it would buff small therapods like raptors, dilos, and troodons. Also a major speed and weight improvement would be nice too! Having the para be the same tier as iguanodon would be cool, and make iguanodon the “fast fighter mount with moderate weight” and the para as a “slower tanky mount with good weight”. You could fill the old role of the para with the phiomia and let it gather berries i for one love parasaurs, and I really hope they do something special for them
  13. Here’s what I think needs to be done Raptor: definitely needs a pack number buff. They mention countless times in the dossier how they are pack animals. And maybe a new attack like a leap or a kick would be cool, along with a remodel Carno: I think something like a charge would be cool, and maybe make it like it is in primal carnage, and maybe some stat buffs. A remodel would also be welcomed Galli: these fellas need to get a better turning radius, along with some other new abilities to make it more survivable Bronto: I personally think a stomp attack would be cool, along with new animations and models
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