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  1. Looking for PVE Rockwell / Ascension Hey all, I'm looking for a Rockwell kill and ascension. I am needing to increase my character level cap. I do not want element or anything like that, just want to tag along for the cap increase. I have around 3500 hours on ark and have done all other bosses, so I won't be stupid. lol Hit me up on discord - Godrik#6404
  2. I personally just think officials feel more.. official. Feels like im wasting my time if i play unofficials, especially since the admin can cancel the server an such or change rates, etc.
  3. Just graphics? No other big drawbacks on switch?
  4. I'm really hoping January.. not feb 4th lol
  5. Well.. fingers crossed we get something insanely soon, along with a release date! I think it'll happen honestly
  6. Yeah I'm sure the Ferox will be breedable, but probably not the bloodstalker
  7. Ark Friends, Tokyo Japan Hello all, I am moving from the USA to Tokyo Japan in a few weeks. I am looking for some Ark players who live there that might be interested in playing on the same server or tribe for the new genesis map release. I have around 3500 hours on Ark official servers for PC.
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