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  1. Glad others can see exactly what is happening. I can honestly and sincerely say I am a x100 more pissed about the delay reason, then the delay itself.
  2. This is such a BS excuse. Delaying this release has absolutely nothing to do with what is going on in the US at the moment. This is utter BS excuse
  3. Yeah, same, I wish the help article would tell you exactly how many you need to access the trader forum.
  4. I completely agree with everyone's comments. I have over 3000 hours played on Aberration, of which 2,500+ were PVP. No other map offers the challenges quite like Abb, it is a very fun, unique and rewarding map. That said, whether its PVP or PVE, it is by far the highest risk map, one of the highest learning curves, and a ton of nuisance that takes weeks to learn, and months to master.
  5. You can also loot on 50/50 night, and have all presents looted up by the time 4:30 rolls around, giving you an hour in-game time to get off the surface (if you're on a mana it takes less then 0:20 to get off). It is impossible to loot any presents during 90/10, the time the first presents land is around 5:05, and that gives you about 10 seconds to get off the surface. You can however go up on a 90/10 night if it is a day ending in a "6" because when it turns to midnight it switches to 10/90, and you have all the time in the world to loot up. So in summary, you get 7 days you can successfully loot all the presents, out of a 10 day cycle. Also, there are more then 10 presents that drop on Abb, even during 50/50. There are close to 15 drops in a given night, of which 2-3 usually go out of bounds (everytime, same spots), and about 5-6 land on ledges. To get the ledged ones, you need to be skillful at mana jumping, be on a RD that climbs, have a tek jetpack, or keep climbing picks handy. This is annoying, but I've looted about 9-10 presents in a single night, solo, and it would be more but I literally can't make it to all the drops before they expire (have some downtime from killing Reapers/seekers/travel time).
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