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  1. iguanaarmor

    New Extinction Teasers!

    This, sadly
  2. new servers on pve when? thought they would release a new fresh server each month?
  3. iguanaarmor

    Asian tribe abuse

    Just. Asian players joining EU servers. Why? And they dont play fair, theyve kited wild wyverns to EU players and sadly no one ever gets evidence because it happens too fast and suddenly. Im not saying asians are the only ones doing this but its been a part of the 434 server, sadly. Well the issue I am reporting is that some, if not most asian tribes that have square boxes in their names, are griefing and stacking for example dodos to fill the tame cap and be able to tame dinos themselves when they simply kill one of their dodos. The pics are the evidence and Ive been in 434 server since day 1, most EU players are tired of asian players in EU servers. What punishment do tribes/people that play like this get? If they dont get stopped theyll just join whatever new server comes up and repeat their filth The first pic is from a friend who screenshot from almost inside, you can see theres a gap above the stone gate in one of the other pics taken with night vision goggles. In the last pic, the dodo structure is the one to the left of the griffins body. Thank you and hope the best for you
  4. Isnt ark supposed to be survival game? Kinda ruins it if you get told by lifeless pillars that youre gonna be attacked.
  5. news about servers? Ark twitter says nothing either
  6. this, when will it be given attention?
  7. that would be too different from the original concept of having different maps + obelisks to transfer stuff(I dislike the whole transfer thing), and what about the people who havent bought scorched earth or aberration?
  8. May I suggest having servers that are permanently closed for uploading and downloading? Seems like mega tribes take over any new server that allows transfers..
  9. This tribe I am reporting is the same tribe I reported on my other submitted ticket about a pillar in my base on the Island map. Please punish them this is making me want to stop playing ark online. Their base is barely 20-30meters away from the rex gates, I can only think they didnt want it there so they put gates around it to trap it but that is griefing AND if they didnt want it there, why put gates around it? Since this is the 2nd time this tribe of 7squares is reported, I hope they get punished WHAT HAPPENED: A member of my tribe left an already tamed rex there because his raptor had fallen down into someones trap building and he asked me for help so I came with my argentavis and lifted raptor out but during this, someone built these gates around the rex while we were finding and saving the raptor. My member affected wanted tribe war so we could destroy gates but I said no, I rather report them as its the best solution and the proper way. I took pictures again so you can see thanks for help and time again, the last time you helped me against these griefers, I was very content! However, as I said, this is the 2nd time I report this tribe of 7squares. Please punish them, especially after the new code of conduct EVIDENCE: https://imgur.com/a/lFoIKYY Coordinates for both their base and the trapped rex is at Lat 25, lon 20-21. On a cliff high above beach level, below a waterfall with ancient structure.