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  1. I've never made Soap before, what is it used for?
  2. Looks like you got raided! LOL If you're on official, you are SOL, raiding is a part of the game. If you're on unofficial, try contacting your server admin, they might be willing to do something... It sucks to get raided, but there are steps you can take. -Make sure everything is set to "Locked" -Build strong structures (Thatch and Wood are soooo easy to break) -Make dummy boxes with some decent mats/gear in them (Store your good stuff in hidden boxes) -Have a "Security Force" stationed around and inside your base. -TURRETS!!!! -Be cool with the other players/tribes on the server. Don't make yourself a target!
  3. The Glitches are, well, Glitched! I have not been able to repair any glitches since the last update. Walk/Swim up to them, they sparkle and spin like normal, but there is no interaction prompt to fix them!
  4. They may not have intended for the Bloodstalker to have the ability to reel in flyers. Previous to the last patch, you could web and reel in the Desert and Ice Titans on Extinction! That certainly wasn't intended, but hilarious to see!
  5. Everyone got mindwiped with the update. You'll have to unlock all your engrams again (excluding tek) before you can craft anything.
  6. The whistle was fixed for my tribemates yesterday, but the settings are still resetting.
  7. kill yourself and re-spawn. Should be in your inventory.
  8. Try killing yourself and re-spawning. Any skins available for your character should automatically be placed in your inventory. Just remember to put any items you want to keep in a box next to a bed before you die.
  9. PANICinc


    My game used to crash and/or lag hardcore during the races. But now, when I know I'm logging on to do missions and such, I make sure my graphics are turned down with no motion blur. Seems to help with the game performance issues, but still, those Alpha times seem almost impossible. You have to have a PERFECT run! With no wild dino interference!
  10. I'm on my 3rd character due to the random character deletion bug. WC's response to my tickets is always just a list of Console Commands to help get the new character leveled up, ascended, and reclaim structures and dinos.
  11. If I get anywhere near that area, I bluescreen!
  12. L1 + R1 Quick swap not working During Fishing Mission So I was doing the Bog Fishing mission with the Fishing Net and everytime something hit me, piranha, sarco, kapro, i would lose the fishing net and have to restart the mission. A message appears above the hotbar saying to hit the Toggle Weapon button. I'm assuming they mean the L1+R1 (in the control layout it's listed as Toggle Fists, or something along those lines) Well it doesn't work. In order to get the fishing net back, I had to restart the mission. I finally was able to complete it, by having a buddy on his Spino standing guard protecting me from land creatures and calling out when piranha start heading towards me. Am I missing something here? Is there a different button I should be pressing to equip the Mission Fishing Net? It's not in my inventory or on the hotbar. I tried clearing my hotbar to see if the net would appear in an open slot. But nope. It's auto equipped to your hands, and when unequipped for whatever reason, it's gone.
  13. PANICinc

    COVID-19 event

    They should just rename Swamp Fever to COVID19!
  14. We tried to breed them before their addiction was maxed. That's all we did.
  15. We had our get duped as well! Only, now we are unable to do anything with any of the 4 ferox we now have. Can't access inventory, can't pick them up, won't do anything with element, and we can't breed them since their addiction went down to 5%!
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