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  1. Rokitur000

    Mutations help

    How many mutations did both parents have and how many mutations did the baby have?
  2. Rokitur000

    Featherlight mutating

    I mean, I'm an avid breeder. I understand all the mechs, and I've seen every other mutation other than those two.
  3. Rokitur000

    Featherlight mutating

    I have been breeding featherlights for awhile now, but I've NEVER seen a health or regen mutation. Is this stat not able to be mutated for featherlights/light pets?
  4. I've been in the tribe for a long time myself with Poopies. I don't know if this can even be supported, but if anything can be done please help! I've also submitted tickets for Hoffman, with no help. His language isn't supported, so we've been neglected this entire time due to technicalities.
  5. Rokitur000

    LF small dino breeding pen ideas

    I put some featherlights into it and they walked out
  6. Rokitur000

    LF small dino breeding pen ideas

    I had something similar, but what stops them from coming out of that bottom part? I noticed they don't like to "wander" under it, but if you have them "follow" you out they'll pass right under it. I'll probs just stick with this if they legit don't like to "wander" under the glass. Thanks!
  7. I'm specifically looking for a breeding pen designed to mass breed small and shoulder pet size dinos (glowtail, troodon, ect.) with easy egg collection. I've done a lot of searching myself, but haven't found anything that works like I'm imagining. The idea would be similar to an egg farm where the eggs would slide down a ramp, but it'd have to consider the dinos on wander for breeding purposes. Thanks for any and all links/ideas!
  8. If this was a wild dino, this wouldn't even be a thing. Not to mention it's not like it was impossible to continue forward. They could've easily laid a transmitter down and started attacking with dinos.
  9. So we're not allowed to have aggressive dinos while in the cave. Got it...
  10. No, the dinos did not die. They were removed by a GM valor. We just don't understand the validity of it. A group comes to raid the cave. They take down the turrets. Our dinos agress the at the choke point and keep them from coming further. So they call a GM who shows up within hours and simply removes all the dinos huddled in the entryway. We're waiting on a response back, but something tells me we won't get the same swift response. Seems to me that there is either some serious miscommunication or Valor was abusing his GM permissions.
  11. How do we combat this? How was this even a thing? Enemy gets stuck in choke point cause dinos are agressing, and they can't get in. How is this GM worthy of removing dinos?
  12. They just disappeared. Don't even see anything in the logs.
  13. We had gigas at the entrance to a cave set on aggressive. A GM appeared during/shortly after an attack saying they got word our gigas were biting through the mesh. There was no particular exploit. The enemy broke the turret line, but couldn't get past the gigas that was agressing them. The exit to the cave was too small for the gigas to get through. From the looks of it, the GM (Valor) came through and just removed all the gigas and brontos that ran to the choke point of the cave.
  14. (Officials - pvp) If anyone has an open spot during a beta/alpha dragon run. I'd really like to get in there for just a single run for engram. Just message me when/where please and thank you.