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  1. [MOD REQUEST] Add Corrupted Dinos to any Map I've been trying to figure out how to add corrupted dinos spawns to my Valguero map to no avail. I originally wanted to make larger dinos able to damage metal to give some danger to my private server, but I couldn't figure out how or find an appropriate mod for it. I figure the easiest way to do this is simply add corrupted dinos to the map. Can anyone help out with this please?
  2. Is this right? Says 6k shards lasts like 26 days for 3.2 radius. Only lasts just over 1 week for me on officials. Am I trippin?
  3. So I was minding my own business on climbing picks and fell through the map. Now I'm endlessly falling. I tried reloging several times but no help. I submitted a ticket, but can I (and my inventory) really be saved? Will I have to wait a few weeks to make an appointment?
  4. Rokitur000

    Breeding 101

    Thanks for the examples. Clarifies it better.
  5. Rokitur000

    Breeding 101

    So pre tame stats just show what kind of breed you'll have (stat wise), and post tame pre points is what the baby can get?
  6. Rokitur000

    Breeding 101

    How do I know what stats the baby got? I bred an argue earlier today. The father pretame had 250 melee and the mother closer to 200ish. Once the baby popped, it was an "enemy" Dino until I clicked the imprint button. Then I was able to check its stats, but it had 343 melee. So how do I figure out who it won its stats from? I still unclear on the process.
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