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  1. Literally couldn't care less about statistics your game is actual dog water fix it! And no evo event again... is like you're trying to push the community away i see people leaving ark day by day because of your incompetent decisions!
  2. Lol that graph just shows how many have quit playing because of mesh and given up on reporting it lol
  3. I'd like to see big changes to the quetzalcoatlus, looks nothing like the Dino did in real life had a hugely long neck this one in ark isn't at all accurate. It could also reach speeds of 80mph in the air the current in game quetzalcoatlus moves slower than a mobility scooter. I understand flyers were too fast etc but the game should be accurate atleast stopping adding movement speed was fine, but these dinos are just false nothing like they should be land dinos are as they should be mostly but the fliers need to be faster. No point saying it was too OP and they need to be slow then adding gri
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