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  1. Yes we are losing, losing the right to play on servers with low PING, because we pay the same amount for the game that people today play in Official, it is easy to start over in Official, but what is behind are often 2 to 5 years of work and dedication!
  2. Extreme disrespect for South American players, high ping often prevents South American players from playing on OFFICIAL servers and staying in LEGACIES, players who paid the same price for the game should have a little respect for players playing on LEGACY servers or show competence and create low PINGS OFFICIAL servers for South American players! They say Legacies are unsupported servers, but they do not create new SA servers, and remember that Legacy servers are home to many players who do not play OFFICIAL servers for high PING!
  3. Anyone know if it's possible to clone the phoenix ??
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