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  1. I agree with ^^^, I was watching someone go into the Rock Drake trench with a mana, and just seeing the constant feeding was annoying, I cant even imagine what it mustve been like to do the feeding.
  2. Nothing to explain why my Crystal Isles world wouldn't save... I spent 4 hours on it, Tamed a 150 female Thyla, pre-tame had 25 points into health and melee... (best thyla I've ever had). and then the world didnt save and I lost everything I did on it...
  3. Floating supply drops on Crystal Isles Xbox? So, I finally finished downloading Crystal Isles (CI) on my Xbox yesterday, after spending approx. 4.5hrs downloading the 30GB update, and..... There are supply crates that are not just in the ground (this I wouldn't normally care about, but this happens on Rag and Val, so I want this fixed too), but there are also supply drops that are literally about 2 or 3 Large Walls higher than the ground, they aren't going any lower. I was flying around CI with Gcm when I noticed this. Are any devs aware of this? and if so, do you have an idea when this
  4. If Crystal Isles is released Midnight on Tuesday 25th for WildCard. It should've been released 10 minutes before this post was sent, however I haven't seen anything that suggests that it has been released, but I haven't been able to get to my console yet.
  5. Yeah, I've been on other servers based in the US and my average ping seems to be 80, which some people may think is hell, but I find it tolerable, especially since I have to deal with australian internet. Cheers, if Crystal Isles doesn't come out on console by 4pm my time (6 hours after this post), then I'll join the server and see what it's like.
  6. Do you know what the ping is like for people playing from different regions? (for example, Im from Australia)
  7. This server still active? This is the first OC server i've ever seen that doesn't make the player stronger than bosses.
  8. What region is this server on? I'm asking because it feels as if I've spent 20 years trying to find a good Xbox server in OC.
  9. What region is the server based in? The 8th time I've had to ask this question today, as most server advertisements don't actually contain region information.
  10. What region is this server based in? I'm asking because I'm in OC and I'm looking to start playing on servers, I've played single-player for nearly 1k hours and I'm really starting to get bored of it.
  11. *I hope they make the kibble Giga Egg Kibble, so they're nearly impossible to tame.* Did I say anything? P.S. Wildcard don't actually do that, it will be the biggest troll since the removal of the Tether Distance Slider.
  12. It's an air Elemental! Look at it's eyes, it's one of Extinctions bosses, why else would their be element in the background. I'm not sure if it's tameable, but they should make the Ornimegalonyx King, so you can tame a bunch of Ornimegalonyx's and lead your Ornimegalonyx army into battle against the Ornimegalonyx King, so your head Ornimegalonyx can take over the Ornimegalonyx Territory and become the new Ornimegalonyx King, therefore making your Ornimegalonyx's XP rate go up by 2X. :-P. Anyway, just an Ornimegalonyx theory about an easter egg designed specifically for the Ornim
  13. Or if you are in immediate danger, like a flying Jerboa
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