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  1. *I hope they make the kibble Giga Egg Kibble, so they're nearly impossible to tame.* Did I say anything? P.S. Wildcard don't actually do that, it will be the biggest troll since the removal of the Tether Distance Slider.
  2. It's an air Elemental! Look at it's eyes, it's one of Extinctions bosses, why else would their be element in the background. I'm not sure if it's tameable, but they should make the Ornimegalonyx King, so you can tame a bunch of Ornimegalonyx's and lead your Ornimegalonyx army into battle against the Ornimegalonyx King, so your head Ornimegalonyx can take over the Ornimegalonyx Territory and become the new Ornimegalonyx King, therefore making your Ornimegalonyx's XP rate go up by 2X. :-P. Anyway, just an Ornimegalonyx theory about an easter egg designed specifically for the Ornimegalonyx. P.S. If you do add the Ornimegalonyx King and Ornimegalonyx Territory, can you please add an extra part to all maps: Ornimegalonyx Island, where it is impossible to make it there via air or land, and barely possible to make it via ocean.
  3. Or if you are in immediate danger, like a flying Jerboa
  4. I was meant to say. There was a flyer nerf? Also, how to like a comment? Forget about that last bit though, I have already found out how to like a comment.
  5. I finally downloaded ARK: Scorched Earth yesterday, I saw that Extinction was coming out and I decided to try and become a veteran.

    Now when Extinction comes out, I will be able to face it without too many fears.

    Finally, if any of the @Devs or @Mods are reading this; how much money do you think that Extinction will cost, or is it only for people who have beaten all ARK levels and all ARK DLCs?

  6. Looks excellent, but sadly I only have Xbox
  7. WHEN will mods come out on console?
  8. How to stop being an early bird?

  9. There was a flyer nerf, also how to like a comment?
  10. My friend suggested Toothless from How to Train your Dragon 2.
  11. Are you good at ark? How long have you played ark?

    1. TobyPlayz5


      I have watched people play ARK for about maybe a year and a half now, but I only got ARK last December, because I use console, even though yes, I like to think of myself as somebody who is good at ARK, now the question is... Is my sister any good?

      No... She is crap. I asked her 'Do you want to make an "OP" world on ARK?' She said 'YES!' and she didn't even hesitate, because even she knows how bad she is, I'm pretty sure even my parents know, and the most that my parents know about ARK is when my mother went in store with me to buy the game.

      Now back to your topic: Host Barrier. I wish that Wildcard would remove the Host Barrier (https://www.thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/894/676/520/petition-to-wildcard-studios-to-re-add-the-host-tether-slider./, the above is a link to a petition to re-add the tether slider ;-P) but they said that it could do damage to the console, I personally think it's a bunch of crap so that they don't have people buying ARK and setting the Host Barrier to x10000 and potentially crashing the game, all that would do is crash the game, you could just reload it, but then again, every time that an update is released on console, it costs game devs thousands of dollars just to get the game update approved, so I don't think Studio Wildcard want to pay the money, just to watch people update the game, and then crash the game on their console, they would have to reset all their data, and imagine if somebody did that when they were the host of a major server. That would restart the server and a bunch of people would get really angry. I believe that is why Studio Wildcard won't add the Host Tether Slider back to ARK: Console Edition. Sorry Foxisdaily.

      P.S. Can I call you Fox or Foxis?

  12. This is limited to anything from any of the DLCs not just ARK: The Island. Rock Drakes, Reapers, Wyverns all added. Modded creatures also count as possible answers. Why is the topic not allowing me to add anything new?
  13. Subatoi, you my friend, ARE A GENIUS! ANNNNND then you spoiled it by saying you'd kill 'em at cap lvl.
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