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  1. LouSpowells

    Is Ark dying ?

    I requested that you take time to digest the point I was making, not to regurgitate it and pretend you cooked it. Believe it or not, yes...I do know we need to see more information to make an intelligent assessment. That's why - in the post you responded to - I specifically told you that there isn't enough data to draw a conclusion. What's truly amazing to me is the cognitive dissonance required to repeat my point as if it were yours, then immediately contradict the point by stating as fact that your original "assessment of the limited data is accurate." It seems I've already given you all the information you need to argue with and contradict yourself. Good luck with that.
  2. LouSpowells

    Is Ark dying ?

    Anyone can cherry pick data to represent whatever biased narrative they choose, and it works even better if they dismiss all relevant variables like you're doing...but that's why professional analysts don't base their conclusions solely on a 3 month period without considering any outside variables. You are looking for evidence to support your opinion while purposely avoiding taking into consideration large collection of data, variables and trends available to you. Unfortunately for your narrative, that's not how analysis works. (As an aside, while your "last 3 months" reference is potent for confirmation bias, the short-sighted point would have been far better executed if you said "Past 5.5" months. In the past 3 months the game has lost ~7.5k players, but if you include the previous month *gasp* that number is 17.5k players. OMG!!! That's a far better misrepresentation of the data than you provided, don't you think?) Someone who studies, analyzes, and translates data for a living would approach it much differently. Someone like that would probably start by looking at pre-Aberration (November 2017) numbers of roughly 34k average active players on Steam. Then they'd probably note that the release of Aberration saw an increase in average players from 34k average players to a post-release peak 49k average two months later. That would be an increase of 15k players making it the second highest influx of active players in the history of the game, along with being the second highest average Ark has ever seen. In the 6 months since the release, trends indicate the novelty of the new DLC wore off, and Ark average daily players have reached the pre-Aberration release numbers of ~34k...which going through trends over the years can be considered the core of the Ark player base. (Non-fairweather players) This is when the outside variables come into play. As Lucian stated, Conan Exiles was released at the beginning of this month. It's been a long anticipated and self-described Ark competitor that has drawn the interest of many Ark players during its early access development process...and if you weren't expecting Ark numbers to drop when Conan Exiles was released then you have business providing an analysis anyway. Point being, as of now there isn't nearly enough evidence suggesting that the game is dying...digest on that a bit.
  3. If your friends are currently playing on the server, there's a drop down menu on the server list page that allows you to view the list of servers with filters. One of those filters is to show the servers your Steam friends are playing on. If you don't have them on your friend's list or they aren't currently logged in, here's a link to another server tracker, specifically the page for Official 281. Near the top right of the page you'll see a blue "Connect" button. If you have Ark open, click that button and it should attempt to join that server. After you've played it, you can navigate to the "My Survivors" selection in the drop-down menu on the Server Filter page and click "Favorite" so it will always appear under that filter.
  4. LouSpowells

    Is Ark dying ?

    Shut up. Both of you. http://steamcharts.com/app/346110#3m It's amazing to me how the same statistics and data are available to everyone, but some people are completely oblivious...as if they're purposely remaining ignorant. If I didn't know any better I'd think people are childishly making things up because they have a bone to pick. Fact: Ark has maintained a fairly consistent average playerbase over 3 years, with ebbs and flows that follow major updates and DLC's. Anyone is welcome to provide statistics that conflict with this data...but they won't because contradicting data doesn't exist outside the frail egos of the vengeful attention-seekers here.
  5. LouSpowells

    extinction DEVS PLEASE RESPOND

    You most certainly do not speak for everyone. I'd imagine when they are ready to release information they'll do so. Until then, all you're doing is angrily setting yourself up to play the victim. "How come they never respond to my questions?!?! They're so mean! They don't listen to customers!!!!" In the meantime, I recommend you sit in the dark and theorize until the next breadcrumb is dropped. EDIT: Oh, and the link to the creature thread you recommended is broken. I fixed it for you:
  6. The in-game server list rarely shows all the servers available. This has been a consistent issue for a lot of steam games over the years. Your best bet is to check out one of the websites that lists available servers. https://arkservers.net/ is the one I use.
  7. LouSpowells

    Upcoming Tribe Size Limit?

    I did. It was totally fake news.
  8. LouSpowells

    Give back tek items for guys who have to migrate again

    "I'm rubber and your glue and anything you say bounces off me and sticks to you!" isn't a valid rebuttal. Let's try slightly different approach: As of 15 months ago Ark had sold over 7 million copies. It's guaranteed to be more at this point, but for now we'll call it an even 7 million sold. I stated that you are entitled because you are somehow under the deluded expectation that a rule which applies to 6,999,999 Ark players should be changed just for you because you don't like it and you need help grinding to 100. Everyone who was once on legacy and moved to a new server (including myself) had to do the same thing. Simply put, you're not special enough to get special treatment. Now, if you really want to convince yourself that I am being entitled for expecting the same rules to apply to all 7,000,000 players (including myself) there's nothing I can do about it, but at this point I'll consider my point made. Best of luck in the leveling process, perhaps this guide might help you achieve your goal.
  9. LouSpowells

    pvp X2 Events??

    Correlation does not equal causation. Careful not to cherry pick bits and pieces of data to justify a request for more icing. Evolution Events are a bonus. We all like bonuses...but they're not bonuses if they happen the same way every time. ...that said, if you truly believe that there is a secret conspiracy where Wildcard is trying to anger customers away from the game to reduce server populations, I don't imagine anything will change your mind. Stay safe!
  10. LouSpowells

    Give back tek items for guys who have to migrate again

    Of course you don't see the big deal, you feel entitled to your "work" and that's making you feel more important than everyone else who had to follow the rules. Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with you. You - like others who made the same arguments from entitlement - are not special enough for Wildcard to change the rules for. If you've been playing for as long as you suggest then rebuilding should be a breeze. So reroll or quit after riding out the sinking ship that is Legacy...either way I'm sure you'll be fine eventually.
  11. LouSpowells

    Upcoming Tribe Size Limit?

    If you don't like megatribes and you want them to go away, just say so. You don't need to make stuff up like "Everyone I've talked to...." to tell people that you have a strong opinion on the matter. There is no indication of an "upcoming" tribe limit size change, especially one it seems you're hoping for. I don't think WC has at any point recently suggested any such thing to be the case, making your post title somewhat misleading and pointless. Wildcard is unlikely to change the game to fit anyones' personal tastes, nor the tastes of an "inspired" minority within the community...they finally seem to have learned their lesson on that. Now just as always - since all the way back to early access - players are able to play on unofficial servers with admin-set tribe limits should they choose to do so.
  12. LouSpowells

    Which map do you like the most and why?

    Sorry guys, ForzaProiettile is 100% correct here. Even though Rock Drakes can't flap their wings to achieve flight, they can jump...which means they have self-propulsion, and can float in the air after they jump. This means they can fly. If you don't believe me, just cruise out to New Guinea and check out those Sugar Flyers jumping off trees out there. They jump and fly the same way. Valhalla. I had such high hopes, I loved the full map layout and was hoping to see it get completed at some point. Truly felt like a big open world, moreso to me than any other map thus far.
  13. LouSpowells

    Ichthyornis AKA “The Trash Bird”

    Seriously folks? Here's a helping hand: Step 1: Put some food in your 0 slot, it will be stolen first. Step 2: When the food in your 0 slot is stolen, put more food in it Rinse, lather, repeat. The idea that Ichthyornis' are difficult to the point they should be removed is a joke. It's one of the easiest "annoying" creatures in the game to counter, and all it takes is a few swipes in a bush for berries. (Seriously...put arma berries in your 0 slot, and if your stuff gets stolen, pick some more bushes)
  14. LouSpowells

    Is Ark dying ?

    The game ebbs and flows, but is still active on Steam top 10. It's not dying.