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  1. i encounter the same 2day (11-11-2020). i alt+tab reading news. when i got back, i saw a message box but miss reading it. i thought is was server maintenance. that why i cryoed 4 babies and pick the fertilized egg on incubator. then quit to menu then exit the program. when get back after an hour taking lunch break. 4 babies died, cryo in inventory but empty and fertilized egg are also not in inventory but in incubator.i dont even have the logs that i cryoed the 4 babies. feels like DEJAVU. the server load an outdated saved. this is OC official 763 the island. 1st time happened to me.if there i
  2. cannot find all OC servers on my survivor list. NA, EU and legacy are ok and accessible. i manage to play the extra life event for 9 hrs. unfortunately i release a lot of nursing dinos on the ground.
  3. today, i keep getting kicked out of official server PVE. because of the battleeye query timeout. it only happens to me after the patch yesterday.
  4. happened to me 2day, now my golem from valguero is undeployable/unusable in the island map. or they did not allow any golem to be transfered in the 1st place. i hope i can send it back to valguero when DL is open or can used it on other latest map. i saw my neighbor have rock golem from scorched earth deployed in the island map. OC the island 391.
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