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  1. WarDrumBecca

    God Console and why isn’t it free?

    This item is solely for Single Player. There's no "winning" in Single Player, as you're not up against any other players.
  2. WarDrumBecca

    Lost Captains Hat and Manticore Chestpiece

    We do not respond individually to bug reports (those are solely intended for us to be made aware of, reproduce, and fix), however please email us at [email protected] and we'll get you reimbursed for the purchase. We apologize for your encounter with this issue.
  3. WarDrumBecca

    Why isn’t ark mobile working?

    Unfortunately the Mini 1 is not a supported device. Despite what the App Store says (which we have no control over), the device does not have the memory to properly run the game without issue.
  4. WarDrumBecca

    Still no reply for lost purchases

    Is this on iOS that you're not receiving your purchases? We have seen with some Primal Passholders that have iOS and often have issues with it showing up properly that logging out of Game Center and the App Store, then logging back into both has helped with the connection between the game and the store. As for your purchases, we are currently caught up to the 9th of this month, if you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your Spam and Trash folders and if you're using gmail check the promotions folder.
  5. WarDrumBecca

    Cannot pick up Dimetrodon with Argentavis

    Being carryable by the Argentavis was part of the Argentavis TLC #2 changes for PC/Console, which we currently do not have.
  6. Based on the structure density in the area, this looks to be a result of placing items that put you well-over the structure limit for the area. I'll take a look at this and try to reproduce it.
  7. WarDrumBecca

    Super Fertalized egg no longer says 'Super Fertalized'

    Was this in Single or Multiplayer?
  8. WarDrumBecca

    10 Turrets, hatcframe and wires gone.

    This sounds like the building was decaying. Had you directly interacted with the structure over the 7 days prior to the disappearance?
  9. WarDrumBecca


    I see that this was sent to the appropriate location, so I have locked this.
  10. WarDrumBecca

    Gigga / Bug Or glitch

    Only one Giga will ever be spawned at a time across the entire map, so they're a difficult-to-find creature. Their spawns are working and functional, as I've got two in Multiplayer and recently tamed my first one in Single Player.
  11. WarDrumBecca

    Ark Survival Evolved Mobile Dino Help Plzzzz

    Oi, you can never truly replace the things you love. A new one just inherits the legacy. And then it dies and that's how I ended up with a ptero named Sir Flappywings III
  12. WarDrumBecca

    Grinder not giving exp

    The Grinder experience changes are an intended mechanic for mobile.
  13. WarDrumBecca

    Still no reply for lost purchases

    Did you submit a form to the Purchasing Issue form, or bug reports? Bug Reports do not get emailed responses (unless warranted) and take longer to go through than Purchasing Issue do. If you have not submitted the correct form, please do so now, as we address purchasing issues on a weekly basis: https://goo.gl/forms/yQ23aQKi9pNcStkk1
  14. WarDrumBecca

    Tamed dont stay in place

    I do, in fact, play, and am well aware of--and have been victim to--many of the same bugs that have been reported. The problem with said bugs is reproducing them. Many of these bugs occur over a significant amount of time, or due to a very particular set of actions (or, in the case of some bugs, device settings/device specs), making them incredibly difficult to reproduce. Reproducing and fixing reported bugs will always be our priority, but it takes time. Like anything else, finding exactly the way to reproduce a bug where creatures are wandering through a gate/wall is going to take time to figure out. These creatures could be escaping due to stasis, server lag, collision against the gate/wall, getting stuck or pushed through by another wandering creature, aggro, etc. there are a million possibilities, all which out QA team has to try until we find how to reproduce it. We will be working on all major bugs until they are fixed, but, as always, they will take time to address them all.
  15. WarDrumBecca

    Learned engrams unlearning after logging back in.

    Are you all seeing this issue on MOBILE or on PC/Console? As you're currently on the Mobile section of the forums, we'd like to make sure that this is related to our version of the game. If this is unrelated to Mobile, please take it to the appropriate section of the Forums.