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  1. Alrighty here's some notes for monthly tier change proposals: (PVP) Giganotosaurus moved from S > S+ Paracer moved from S- > S+ Tuso moved from S- > S Karkinos moved from A > S Therizino moved from A- > S+ Rex moved from S+ > S Baryonyx moved from B > A Woolly Rhino moved from B > A Argent moved from C > A- Chargelight Pets moved from F- > B Rock Elemental moved from S > A Direwolf moved from C > A Gigantopithecus moved from D > B- Procoptodon moved from C- > C+ Added note to Kentrosaurus for it's ability to easily enrage Gigas. Added note to Rock Drake that you can wield weapons on it. Added note to Titanosaur that despite it's extreme demo potential, it's not worth the resources to tame. (PvE) Achatina moved from A+ > S Gigantopithecus moved from B- > A- Direwolf moved from B > A Procoptodon moved from D > B+ Direbear moved from A+ > S Quetzal moved from S- > A+ Basilosaurus moved from A+ > S- Reaper moved from A+ > S Megatherium moved from S- > A+ Also adding tier change proposals for the Raptor because of it's TLC reveal. PvE: D+ > C+ PvP: D+ > C+
  2. Well, considering Rock Drakes are not native and cannot be found on Ragnarok by normal means, it will not take that into consideration for it's ranking and likely won't receive a mini-note about it unless anybody else thinks it's necessary. There's no 'fun' factor taken into account either. Strictly based on utility and power in each list. I was unaware you could wield weapons on Rock Drakes.(Still haven't touched Aberration, still working on finishing my Island playthrough rn lol) I'll add that note in the next update, I just need to gather a list of changes that need to be made and I'll get to working on it.
  3. I do believe the Giga nerfs went live yesterday, but I feel that's *too* early to justify a dropping or anything of the likes. Gotta let the new changes and everything settle, after all the Bronto, Dunkle, Paracer, and Stego all got nerfs to their tankiness as well. I'll defo put a side note on the Titano mentioning the taming difficulty and despite it being S tier for all it can do, it's usually NOT worth it at the moment. True, I think A tier would probably be a bit more reasonable for the Rock Elemental. Ah! Yes Sweet Veggie Cake(Totally forgot about the healing it does, been a very long time) does indeed counteract the Doed's tankiness compared to others. Also I thought it balled up a little earlier than that, might only be when wild I guess. I'll definitely drop it in the rankings much further since the Trike and Pachyrhino are more effective. I'd probably place it above the Rex then. The Veggie Cake definitely makes the Therizino much better. I'll try placing them around B tier then, since that is a pretty specific niche it has, albeit a very useful one though. Thanks a bunch on the feedback btw! I'd love to get this tier list put into shape a lot better.
  4. So do you suggest I drop Rex to S and bump up Paracer + Giga to S+? That can be done. Titanos are only in S tier for their demo potential, like I said, they are limited tames, but their raw power and strength is enough to wipe out stone-tier tribes. Tape's are up there for their mobility that's really only rivaled by the Griffin.(Which ranks higher) I put Rock Elementals in S tier for the reason that it's a Scorched Earth native, so it's being judged solely based on that map alone. It would easily be ranked a lot lower in other maps, but it's one of the few tames that actually destroy stone in SE, which is quite valuable. As for the Phoenix, how lower should it rate? A tier? B tier? Will add that in on the Kentros! As for Doeds, PvP doesn't take PvE into consideration at all, and the Doed does have great tanking abilities. Perhaps it should drop to A- or B+? Noted on the Arthro, I think it's armor degrading attacks are still extremely valuable for base defenses though. Maybe A-? I was considering putting Karkinos up to S tier, but was a little wary of doing so, I wasn't sure if it was that amazing of a tame in PvP, but I'll definitely bump it up. Will do on the Reaper as well. Where do you think the Therizino should place? Maybe S tier along with the Rex? Totally forgot about the Bary's stunlock. I remembered the stun, but thought the stunlock was fixed in a patch. It definitely does deserve A tier. I had Woolly Rhino up higher than that a while ago, but many people disagreed saying it wasn't that great. I'll definitely consider bumping it up to A tier. Also, I already have a mininote on the Megalosaurus about it being far better in Aberration! So A- for the Argent? Oooh! I hadn't known about that for the Chargelight Pets. How much higher would you rank it?
  5. Took a while but I finished the + and - mini tiers for every tier! Please check and see if everything looks fine! Also since the TLC update dropped today, I'll give it about a week or two until everyone decides whether creatures need raised tiers or not!
  6. Update time! The D tiers now have + and - and I moved the Achatina up to A tier in PvE.
  7. I think A+ would be a good spot then!
  8. I think S tier is a little much for the Achatina considering it's food source being strictly sweet veggie cake is a really large flaw.(Most S tier have few flaws or none at all) A tier does sound like a great spot. I placed in B just to be a little safe. Do you think it should be +, -, or standard A tier?
  9. I think Beelzebufo is fine in B tier, it provides mobility and torpor damage alongside the Cementing Paste gathering, and the Achatina is in C tier already. It's not the best in B tier, but it's also better than many of the C tier tames. Possibly a B- when I start adding those in? Hmm... That is very true for the Phoenix. Plus, industrial items are much better at smelting/cooking. While that's true about the Basilisk, it provides waaaay more than just mobility. High damage, torpor damage, and the best carry weight second to the Titanosaur. Not many creatures in Aberration rival it in all the things it does except the Rock Drake. EDIT: Added in + and - for F tier in PvP and PvE to give everyone an idea of what they'll look like for the higher tiers.
  10. Noted! I do believe the Ichthy is D tier in PvP and the Basilosaurus is A in PvE and B in PvP. Those points about the Tuso are very, very excellent. I was unaware they were so powerful in PvP since most sea tames are somewhat mediocre in PvP. Can you specify which tier list? As in PvE/PvP? I'm assuming you mean PvE though. I'll definitely take these into consideration for sure though, but do note any creature is rated based on their home map. This means the Griffin would be rated on utility in Ragnarok, the Thorny Dragon/Mantis/Etc... on Scorched Earth, Ravager/Basilisk/Rock Drake/etc... on Aberration, and Rex/Ptera/Trike, etc... on The Island. Of course if they have higher or lower utility on another map that is very notable it'll receive a mininote like the Megalosaurus already has for Aberration! ^^
  11. Alright here's my list of what I'd love to change (Wall of text warning): Abilities & Appearance: Ankylosaurus (It's look right now is decent, but it could be a lot better the scales could flow more naturally like what the new Spino or Rex's look like for starters. For abilities? I think giving it a forge saddle would work extremely well with it's kit, either that or a smithy saddle.) Araneo (It's look is really clunky and outdated, and it doesn't look an awful lot like a spider. For abilities, increase the effectiveness of it's webs and allow it to climb on walls and ceilings similar to the Megalania and Rock Drake.) Bronto (It has a very 'meh' look to it and it's animations, specifically walking and running, are really weird looking. As for it's abilities, give it a stomping attack that clears nearby shrubbery and trees and deals lots of damage to creatures beneath it, increase it's base speed and stamina slightly as well.) Carbonemys (It's textures are really rough and rocky looking which is weird. For abilities, the long awaited ability to hide in it's shell would be great, increase it's base swim speed, and make it immune to stuns.) Compy (It's model is quite blocky compared to other creatures and it's feathers don't exactly work on the current model. Give them the ability to jump and latch onto creatures and continuously deal chip damage to them unless they are knocked off by stun, KO, or killed. Make Prime Meat last longer in their inventory.) Dilophosaur (Like most of the earlier creatures, it's model is outdated and really needs some attention. There's not much that needs done ability wise for the Dilophosaur, but I think a 'sneak' ability that hides it from night vision, Tek helmet visors, Troodon scout, and Direwolf sniff would be a really great idea.) Dimorphodon (Similar to the Compy, it's model is really blocky and the feathers just clash with it atm. Not sure on abilities, but I think turning them into anti-air tames would be amazing. Perhaps make their melee and speed stronger when attacking Pteras, Quetzals, Argents, etc...?) Dodo (Yes, the Dodo does need some TLC, it's feathers and face are all that really need changing imo. As for abilities? Well... maybe when set on wander they'll randomly pick up veggie/berry/plant species seeds or other items? That'd be kinda neat.) Doedicurus (It's shell looks fine, but it's face and feet look really... dumb? Similar to the Ankylo, I think giving it a Smithy saddle would suffice.) Giganotosaurus (It's current look is kinda... meh? It could use a Rex treatment for sure. The Giga has been hit pretty hard with nerfs and the Rage mechanic is really poorly done. I think it's base damage and health need to be lowered drastically; BUT in return it's Rage mechanic becomes beneficial. The more damage it takes, the stronger it's damage becomes and the less damage it takes. Making it a creature you'd want to take out quickly or else it'd shred your tames.) Ichthyosaurus (It's got one of the ugliest models in the game, which is really unfortunate as it's a neat creature. For abilities I think it could be the Pachyrhino of the sea, allow it to let off pheromones that attract other sea creatures or ward them off. It works really well with what the Ichthyosaur was meant to be used for imo.) Mammoth (It's look is outdated and I think it's fur would look way better if it was similar to the Direbear or Woolly Rhino's, it's tusks also have weird textures on them too. As for abilities it NEEDS bleed damage, just look at those tusks! Also change it's saddle to a three seater and put preserving bins on the sides! It'd be an excellent cargo/transport tame with that.) Megalodon (Easily the WORST model in the game, it's really ugly and I would LOVE to see it redone as it has so much potential. Give it bleed damage, increase it's melee damage, give it a 'sprint' ability similar to the Direbear, and the Direwolf's new 'sniff' ability, but strictly for creatures in the water/sea crates only. Right now it's easily one of the worst sea mounts because it's largely outclassed and I think this would make it a very useful tame.) Mesopithecus (I feel like it needs a Gigantopithecus treatment model-wise. As for abilities, give it a 'howl' that alerts you of nearby threats such as enemy tribes or aggressive dinos.) Onyc (It's face is it's biggest issue, it doesn't look much like a bat. It needs a huge overhaul abilities-wise though. For taming, it should no longer take meat, but instead it should take blood packs. Once tamed, it should be able to cleanse your tribemates of diseases but doing so applies a debuff for some time that makes your attacks weaker and makes you weaker to attacks. Obviously let it land on ceilings as well! Lastly, give it a nocturnal buff that boosts it's speed and melee at night.) Oviraptor (Just a slight texture change is all it really needs. While on wander, allow it to pick up nearby eggs and reduce the weight of eggs in it's inventory by 50-75%, obviously you'd have to have it favor meat over eggs post-tame to prevent it from being counteractive.) Pachycephalo (It's head and the spikes on it are really goofy looking honestly. Carry weight and movement speed buffs would be greatly appreciated as well as reduced fall damage too!) Paracer (It's model is a little... well... weird, it could use some changes. Unsure about abilities for this one, perhaps riding it would give you protection from heat?) Parasaur (Like the Ankylo, it's model is decent right now, but it would definitely look a lot better with changes. It definitely needs some abilities though, I think a snorkel ability would be wonderful, where it has a minute or so underwater before it starts to lose oxygen. Increase it's base swim speed as well.) Phiomia (It's model isn't terrible, but it could use some improvements for sure. Since it's been locked into the niche of being a poop producer, perhaps it could produce a unique kind that provides less fertilizer for crops, but increases the rate at which plants grow and produce veggies? I think that would make it a much better tame.) Pteranodon (It's model is really goofy and the shiny texture just looks weird. I think it's little roll ability should be changed to allow it to quickly dive underwater and back out instantly harvesting any Coels or smaller Saber Salmon/Piranha it hits when doing so. It'd be a nice little change, as the Pteranodon is already in a good spot.) Pulmonoscorpius (It's model isn't that bad, but like some others I've mentioned, a change would be welcomed. As for abilities, I think it needs a better role in PvE, and to do so I think it would be really cool if it could produce a 'mock' narcotic naturally overtime similar to how the Tusoteuthis produces Oil.) Quetzal (It's got similar issues to the Pteranodon except instead of the shiny texture, it's feathers just don't flow very well with the rest of the model. Unsure again about abilities here, but it suffered pretty heavily from the flier nerfs and it needs a little something to bounce it back up a bit.) Triceratops (It's model is alright, but I think it's body needs the most attention compared to it's face. For abilities, it definitely needs that charge attack that we've been waiting for.) JUST Abilities/Buffs: Dimetrodon (It's large turn radius and sluggish speed are ridiculous. Reduce it's turn radius, increase it's base speed, health, and melee slightly. Allow it's sail to flare up when danger is near, like the Mesopithecus howl I mentioned, but this would be strictly visual.) Diplodocus (Give it some form of self-defense at least? It can't even collect anything which makes it's only use being a transport tame which it does perform well, but it's outclassed by other tames. It's just a really mediocre tame tbh.) Dung Beetle (Similar to the Oviraptor suggestions I made, allow it to collect poop while on wander, this would increase it's efficiency and usefulness by a lot.) Dunkleosteus (Just make it's saddle a smithy saddle.) Eurypterid (Make it tameable! If you guys do, then allow us to hang onto it like the Diplocaulus to ride it, have it collect silica pearls and chitin at higher rates as well.) Gallimimus (Fight or flight ability that when damaged the Gallimimus gains a boost to speed and it's stamina drains slower for some time. Increase it's base carry weight as well.) Liopleurodon (Honestly, scrap it's entire kit. Many of us were looking forward to this tame, and what you guys did with it was just 'memes' and it was extremely disappointing. Make it a permanent tame, change it's preferred food to fish + prime fish with it taking Tapejara kibble. Give it a stealth ability that hides it from detection and causes it to move slower with an ambush attack while in stealth that would perform similarly to the Thylacoleo's maul attack, the Liopleurodon would snatch prey up and maul it. Really, anything would be better than what we got.) Lymantria (I don't believe it's been added yet, but make it produce silk in it's inventory like it was promised!) Manta (Please make it harder to beach it, it happens so often accidentally that Mantas aren't really worth the trouble taming.) Mosasaurus (Give it a powerful tail slap attack that stuns and knocks affected targets back. That would be amazing for the Mosasaur!) Roll Rat (Remove the durability from it's saddle. It's pretty detrimental to the creature's value tbh.) Tapejara (Just buff it's health and carry weight a bit.) Terror Bird (Not sure what you could do, but for a creature with Terror in it's name, it doesn't live up to it.) JUST Appearance: Stegosaurus (It's face is really all that I have an issue with, but it's enough for me to put it up here.)
  12. The Raptor is going to receive a TLC update. Anyway, I love what you guys are doing! That Argent update is massive, both looks-wise and ability-wise. Definitely going to be a top tier tame. The Spino looks alright, but I feel like there could be more done to it in both the ability department and looks department. Option to disable fog is by far one of the best things about this update! Easily one of the most annoying parts about playing SP. Can't wait to see what else you guys have in store for TLC updates!
  13. Update time! Every creature has been placed into a tier, it's up to the community to decide if the placements are accurate enough until we start to dive into adding + and - to each tiers. I'll give it a couple weeks or so to see if anyone disagrees on certain placements and then I'll begin the additions of + and - I've also added in a prospected changes down at the bottom for creatures receiving buffs/nerfs in the future. These changes will not go into effect immediately after the updates, but it will take some time for everyone to adjust and utilize the new changes, and because of that so will the tier changes. I'll be updating the initial post sometime soon making the introduction and rules on tiering a little more clear and easier to access.
  14. Updated the list with some more creature placements. Remember to post if you disagree with anything officially listed right now, and don't be afraid to make comments about the unranked creatures as well!
  15. I do believe the Therizino and Bee are placed in those tiers via my initial thoughts, so I'm thinking that they definitely belong there. Also the Doedicurus is S tier by default! ^^ No worries! Take your time! I definitely see what you mean by the Bronto, Paracer, Quetzal, and Argentavis. I honestly placed the Bronto that high due to past experiences with it and since nothing had changed with it I assumed it'd rank the same, but those are very valid points. Wyvern also makes sense too. I think I originally had them in A tier but heard they weren't as good as they used to be? Those points absolutely make sense though. Oh that does make sense for the Lio. I didn't know originally how good the increase was, but that really makes sense. Also, I'm waiting for changes to drop to make changes to the tiering for the first wave of TLC updates!
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