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  1. 30 seconds to pick up a structure the building mechanics placed in the wrong position.....lets not over exert ourselves with implementing s+
  2. Wild Card.....the Friday News Dump.....why not, it works for everyone else.
  3. Just post a question in the forums if you want to get an answer back. It is a tool they are using to get out the information that they want to get out, the old question and answer routine. 6 questions made up so they could post the 6 answers that they wanted. Even used survivor "Caleb" twice to ask a question.
  4. On second thought it is most likely some kind of falcon. And whats with the weird tendrils on its ears and eyes? Some sort of sensory things?
  5. The owl? should be called a nightstalker and mostly come out at night and be super aggressive towards flyers and all survivors caught outside. Death from above! The terror of the night! Also i just thought of this: so scorched earth has sand storms.....extinction should have element storms that aggro all wild dinos for five minutes.
  6. Wildcard, Please make a storage device for players to build so they can store the dinos that they do not use on a daily basis. A digital dino vault.
  7. Instead of increasing auto decay, how about just make it so that the ladder/pillar combo can be demolished after a certain amount of time? If someone wants to keep an area pillared they will have to rebuild the pillars all the time. feedback?
  8. Cooking event for Mother's Day? And it's called King's Harvest? Massive fail wild card on just an epic scale. The obvious play here would have been to boost the Procoptodon bonuses, along with a normal 2x weekend.
  9. I finally built an industrial grinder, seeing as i had 7 vaults full of gear I'll never use and several duplicate saddles. Ended grinding up stuff for an hour or so. Besides the tons of fiber, flint and wood, I amassed 4200 metal ingots and 900 obsidian. Lances produce about 100 ing a piece and laser attachments produce 15 crystal and 10 electronics. Now that I've used it, I would say that it is easier to just grind the materials the old fashioned way. I'm now dropping all items primitive and ramshackle unless they are lances, guns, shields, or gun attachments. Industrial grinder cost: 3200 ing, 2000 crystal, 800 cp, 600 oil, and 600 poly. Net gain: 1000 ing and a bunch of easily attainable materials. Net loss: 1950 crystal, 550 cp, 600 oil, and 150 poly. Coupled with the stupid controls of the industrial grinder, having to select things one at a time, this turned out to be a huge disappointment. Would have been way more productive to collect the 1000 ing myself and still have the 2000 crystal sitting in storage. High level gear produces more materials in the grinder, but I haven't amassed a ton of journeyman, mc, and ascendant stuff that i don't need yet. My advice to everyone that has vaults full of low level gear: just drop it, grinder not worth the cost or time. If you have vaults full of high end stuff it may be worth it, but I haven't tested it yet.
  10. Went for a flight on a poison wyvern, found a giga stomping around in the woods and attempted to fight it. Quickly lost health and almost died. Decided to try and use breath attack while hovering, less than successful so landed on a large stone outcropping to regain stamina. Jumped off wyvern and shot all my ammo at giga then flew back to base to get more ammo. Landed back on the same rock and shot a few more times before realizing that the giga was not moving. It was stuck between a rock and some ruins, so i jumped off the rock and ran up behind the giga, pulled out my sword and began to chop away. After stopping to rest a half dozen times, finally chopped the big sucker's foot off killing it. Back to the base to finish healing the wyvern. Noticed a large red glow in the woods near the base and went out to investigate on the wyvern. Yep, it was an alpha rex. After a running/flying fight, I managed to lead the alpha down a hill to the beach away from the base. Wyvern is almost dead, so i fly back to base and switch out to an ice wyvern. The ice wyvern also nearly dies because of its relatively low level. Land down the beach from the alpha rex and it begins to tear up all the other dinos on the beach. It must have been attacking a small dino because it was just standing there broadside chomping the air, so i pulled out my fabricated pistol and emptied 13 clips of ammo into it while standing on the back of the ice wyvern. Halfway through the 14th clip the alpha goes down and now its head is mounted on my wall. Decided that was enough excitement, so went back to smashing rocks and picking berries.
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