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  1. This thread is about official PVP, not PVE servers. PVE need not be wiped. For some reasons the OP worded it poorly.
  2. Yeah Arkpocalypse is pretty cool. But here is thing about officials, currently the only people left on official servers are megatribes, a handful of survivors of past 1.5+ year of warfare, paranoid veterans living in unraidable caves. The rich political dynamics that used to exist when there were lot of tribes different sizes and multiple tribes used to share a server is long gone. PvP between megatribes has become very stale due to cave meta. There is no real raids anymore just griefing easily replaced surface teleporters, because mainbases are now fully built into nearly unraidable caves. People just inside or mesh these days, because its become impossible to take down mainbases by war alone. Officials need to have cave bases disabled and rebooted. That will bring the pvp back. I been playing classics more than officials last few days. And its a ton more fun with exciting due to actual land bases to raid instead of everyone being on caves., A large number of diverse tribes populate it creating interesting social or political situations that used to be a hallmark of ARK. Officials used to be like that in 2017- middle of 2018. And it can be again with a fresh restart.
  3. In short wipe officials, disable cave building, make Titan downloads locked to Extinction maps only. And officials will be great again.
  4. You can't wipe tribes anymore because everyone lives in unraidable caves. Other than insiding or meshing big tribes are impossible to take down. As result there are no real raids anymore. People go for griefing a server, blow up some spam or an outside teleporter and that's it.
  5. Yep, yearly wipes would give both the long term progression and keep the game alive by giving tribes chance to start anew.
  6. All the decent unofficial server wipe and for good reason. Left unwiped servers eventually become unbalanced, stale and dead.
  7. In pve they should just enable creative mode and God mode. People should not even have to farm just spawn in creatures and bases. And instant kill anything by right clicking on it. It's pve balance don't matter.
  8. No Tek on classic PvP please. Teleporters would make cave bases broken OP again like on officials. Classics is a breath of fresh air compared to cave base meta on officials.
  9. Thank you so much for adding classic pvp servers. A LOT of us established official pvp players deeply miss the old days. My only suggestions would be make it 2 month long seasons. Isolated servers get locked down pretty fast onxe someone becomes alpha. Regular wipes would keep the gameplay dynamic. Also rem ove the tribe and alliances limit. It only exists as an annoyance, and not a real limit to big tribes.
  10. You can use a mana to get wyvern eggs. If you dont have mana, just kill all the wild wyverns with a giga. Or if you dont even have a giga, use a turret on ground,,
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