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  1. Spiret

    Has the valentines day update happened yet?

    Egg incubation 3x is not working
  2. Spiret


    try transfering to a different server and back
  3. what about wearing a full hazard suit and opening the hive? you still take damage?
  4. Spiret

    Steam doesn't see ARK being installed

    Had this issue before and a simple way to fix it was to replace your appmanifest_346110.acf in the steamapps folder. I got mine from a friend that lent me his and restarted steam and it worked. Try replacing it with this one. appmanifest_346110.acf
  5. Spiret

    Downed Dinos Food Value Not Going Down

    Having the same exact problem with a 150 managarmr. its 90% tamed and its food is stuck being full. will not go down at all. Going out of render does not do anything
  6. no need to join same tribe, you just can't claim the reaper until it is an adult. Basically, its stuck with the person who gestated it and only they can claim it/unclaim it and not even tribe members can claim it. So you can claim any reaper no problem as long its an adult.
  7. Spiret

    Shotgun damage cap?

    So I did lava golem on official ragnarok server and got a really good shotgun bp from the boss. the shotgun bp was originally 306.4% damage but when i uploaded it via obelisk the damage went down to 298% which was weird. Is there a damage cap?
  8. Spiret

    So I guess this is allowed... cheating chinese

    What is that UI? is that a mod?
  9. Spiret

    strategy for ragnarok bosses?

    Well I'm on PC btw and I think I will try this on gamma xD.
  10. Spiret

    strategy for ragnarok bosses?

    Wait.. the jerboa method. How does that work if its offline protection? The rock golems still aggro to it regardless if its on? Could I just kite the golems to the jerboa and they focus on it?
  11. Recently setup on official ragnarok server and have an army of rexes with around 40k hp and 600-700 melee and we plan on doing the bosses there. Are those stats good enough for alpha? This would be our first time doing the bosses here. So any tips or strategies for this boss as well?
  12. Spiret

    Methods of Farming Spino Sails?

    Kill them in aberration. They're everywhere in the waters in green zone
  13. Spiret

    Fighting Bosses via Supply Crate

    This is what I do for supply crates to teleport to bosses. I live on herb island too and this is right across from herb island to the mainland on the high cliffs. A drop spawns right in the middle and its perfect because the land is relatively flat and I know exactly how big it is because I built around it.
  14. I simply meant Legacy servers are referred to as legacy servers as official servers are meant to official servers. They are not used interchangeably.
  15. Except I never talked about unofficial servers but whatever.