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  1. Crystal isles is a very big and beautiful map, but i feel like it's missing a lot of creatures (i know Ark wants to localize them to their own maps). Adding dino's is not a problem but is there a way you can change the way of taming for egg hatched creatures, such as Deinonychus, Rock drake and Magmasaur. Spawning in wild fertilized eggs is impossible or a pain in the bum, if only we can tame them as regular creatures that would be great. I've got a Nitrado server and was messing with some commands and was wondering if this is possible. Without mods ofcourse since we're on PS4. If
  2. Shame, got a lot of friends on ps4 i'd like to survive with and i'm on Xbox. Wish Sony and Microsoft would just stop competing and bring all players together #AllGamersUnited
  3. "Optional cross-play, including PS4, should come along shortly thereafter!" Does this mean Xbox gets the cross play with PC AND PS4 or just PC and PS4?
  4. Would be fun to have to find parts of the "Alpha-bet" before translating these notes. (Like the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire braille system)
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