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  1. Now I feel the need to ask....how many servers will be up and running on the 13th? Should I start asking when the next server release is? This stuff really makes me nervous.
  2. Very well done GJ. I can only find a few nitpicky things wrong and for the most part you did a great job keeping the facts and your guesses separate(not an easy thing to do). Say what you will about this game(and I do at every opportunity) but years into playing it I am still dying to find out just what the F@#k is going on lol. Some things to note......We don't know for sure why the city of Nosti was destroyed. It may have been related to the size or it may not have...we just don't know. On AB it seems that the kill command was given as a response to the destruction of the control center but again we just don't know. Also the existence of the Homo Duce troubles me. We know from the island that they are a thing but almost nothing else has been given to us on what they are, what they want, where they went. Dozens of Arks in orbit , fire breathing dragons, Monsters with acid blood, Tek bombs blowing up their stuff but so far no Duce. I figure either that part of the lore is getting pushed aside or EX is going to be jam packed with Duce or at least whatever legacy they left behind. On a related note I am looking for tribes interested in making a day 1 push for notes and end game content. I need to find out how this thing ends and I don't want to wait for the wiki. If you have a tribe that is going to assemble on a certain server and need moar ppl please let me know. TY
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