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  1. Kawarriorking

    Argentavis vs Manticore

    I am looking for advice from someone who has defeated the Manticore recently with Argentavis (most info I find is 1-2 years old). I was wondering if the Argy is still a viable choice and if so what stats I should aim for when looking to solo the boss. Can they be used on Gamma, Beta and Alpha? Do you fight with 20ea x Argent or do you use a mix? I have a few boss level Argy, Vulture and am working on wyvern. Any info you can provide would be helpful, thank you!
  2. Kawarriorking

    Can we build Mech Warriors?

    yeah I can't even
  3. Am I the only one who reads the wiki? jk lol this page has a list is creatures that can be carried. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Procoptodon
  4. Kawarriorking

    Do you think some creatures should get map variants

    stop trying to make cthulhu happen. Cthulhu is not going to happen.
  5. Kawarriorking

    Snow Cave The Island

    Looks like you are not supposed to bring mounts into this cave. So you can bring a flock of dimorphs or vultures with you. Or you could bring a baby dino into the cave and raise it. Or or per the wiki:Araneo are capable of being ridden into the cave by sprinting through the second blue crystal while hugging the wall. This can be difficult to do, but once performed properly, your Araneo will have access to the rest of the cave. Keep in mind, once you have passed the first blue crystal, you will be unable to exit.
  6. Kawarriorking

    hello,this so cool

    Welcome to the forum!
  7. Kawarriorking

    Reaper and Nameless Connection?

    You mean she was part of an on ARK Air Force? The Air Force reference is to her time before the ARK. On Earth in the Future she is part of the United Republics of Earth Air Force. The URE is at odds with the Terran Federation and there are members of both factions in Dianas group. Also May Yin and Diana both comment on the structures down in the element chamber as being ancient ruins. May Yin notes that the ruins look almost identical to the buildings Dianas tribe builds but were obviously built by a people long gone. So some of the tek structure we see in Aberration was created by Dianas tribe but some was already there long before Diana showed up.
  8. Kawarriorking

    Reaper and Nameless Connection?

    Or not, she who waits says that the system of survival we are in is broken(very meta lol) and the only way to beat the system is to break out of it. She says that others did so with a gate. By breaking Aberration and building the gate Diana and Santiago may have created an opportunity to escape the system entirely. Although since she who waits is assumed to be Helena she obviously didn't escape the system but became part of it.
  9. Kawarriorking

    Strats for setting up on abb?

    I have not tested this but non AB dinos should not be immune to the radiation. As you say though mushroom soup can still be used for them.
  10. Kawarriorking

    Game Crashes [Xbox]

    Not a solution for everyone but the XBOX one X is a solid step up from the standard XBOX one. It is better at playing other games but on ARK it is like night and day. First time playing Aberration on the one X blew my mind. So many little details that the One doesn't have the power to render, I never knew what I was missing. I am not going to say I never get disconnected but the instances of DC reduced greatly. Now I feel dirty for shilling Microsoft....going to go take a shower, GL.
  11. Kawarriorking

    Strats for setting up on abb?

    If reapers are your goal you don't need drakes. High level spinos will get the job done just fine. Drakes are nice for kiting in reapers but you can use other small/fast mounts to accomplish that. I am not sure if you can raise drakes on non AB servers, the venom has a short spoil time and with having to wait 20-30min before you can transfer items between servers you may find it spoils before you can feed your babies. The best advice I can give is to pre build as much as you can on the other server. Wait until the AB server is at a low population then transfer over your spinos and characters. Walk down to red area/reaper queen spawn area and make use of someone else's trap. If you manage to successfully get preggo then transfer over items to build a small base/hatchery for your reaper. Pray to the gods that your reaper hatches and grows before the Alpha tribe smells fresh meat and comes looking for you. Best of luck!
  12. Kawarriorking


    The first time you ascend you leave the island and as you travel though space (not even outer space just high orbit) you can see many ARK satellites/space stations all in orbit around a brown dead looking world which is implied to be earth. In fact we haven't seen anything to suggest that other worlds or aliens are involved in any way. The Aberration wildlife could contain some alien life but then again it could just be future earth life or something. Hell I am still not convinced that ARK isn't some type of simulation our characters are stuck in a la No mans Sky. The matrix has you !
  13. Kawarriorking

    Favorite tames?

    Without a doubt the humble rock drake is my fav. Not the most intuitive mount but a good mix of speed, damage output, health and awesome. It is the only dino I just take out for a few laps around the map for no other reason that how much fun it is.
  14. Kawarriorking

    Reaper and Nameless Connection?

    Good points, this is why I like discussing this stuff. I assumed the spine and its track was part of the old railway system, but your right it is part of the portal instead. Given the scope of the ruins in Aberration Diana's tribe must have been truly massive.
  15. Kawarriorking

    Reaper and Nameless Connection?

    Clearly we need more info on just what was going on with the Aberration map pre-tek bomb(good band name btw). In every other map we see advanced future tech like the obelisks and the tek cave....even down in the artifact caves. But AB takes that to a whole new level. From the ruins it seems that AB had a full underground tek city, complete with train/tram that runs from the green zone artifact cave all the way down to the element chamber(or maybe the track just broke). The portal at least we know was built by humans from our future so that is explained. But what about the other ruins? Was the AB map a ARK built to recreate an existing biome on Earth? In the future does humanity destroy the environment so completely that we are forced to move underground, and is AB a recreation of that environment?