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  1. Valid point about the forum lol. If you can bring a high level drake into the cave. You can clear out most the dangerous dinos and tame glowtails at your leisure.
  2. I feel we never really got a level that explored the potential of water mounts. I would fork over a little cash for a level with interesting water mechanics. Maybe do something like the surface on AB where you can only go in certain areas or trenches during the day , or maybe a high pressure zone you can only stay in for a short time without a tek pressure suit. C'mon WC if you build it....they will come!
  3. A breed argy and a breed anky is still the best way for island solo metal gathering. If you have a team then quetz/anky is best for on the island. I have done quetz/anky solo but I think it is better to have the argy to deal with aggressive dinos and it's easier to pick up drop off the anky and move it around. My island base is by air about 1min from a rich node area and about 3min from the volcano so I can get both spots and be back to base in 20min for 2-6k raw metal, 1-3k ing during the week and double on weekends.
  4. I am sorry but it looks like you are otter luck.
  5. So you are stuck on a desert island and can only bring one dino with you....which do you bring? The one that is the most fun of course! For me that is easy I would bring the humble rock drake. it can get you anywhere you need to go....and with style! It can handle all but the most deadly dinos, has a decent weight stat so you can use it for meat runs and resource collection. Really it is just a good all around dino with no major drawbacks and one very sweet advantage.....it's fun. Seriously it is the only dino I take out and fly around with just for the heck of it. best of all unlike most flyers it doesn't turn most the map into flyover country. You can move quick and stay close to the ground which allows me to experience the environment a bit more. A rockdrake as your main mount with a lightpet and you are ready to build a new outpost on any map.
  6. ahh the age old question....is he the victim or the troll?
  7. It isn't as effective as tek but I have found Greenhouse ceilings in stacks of 20ea to be very useful. On a normal 1x weekday I can tame a lvl 150 gacha with 60-80 ceilings or 3-4 eats. It is much lighter than stacks of stone or foundations so you can carry more. It is not the best thing to use but with crystal and metal all over EX it is very easy to make in bulk. Way easier than metal foundations or tek.
  8. it looks like they put the carrot in the wrong end :p
  9. I always catch myself standing in my base for long periods of time looking at walls or nothing special as I try to plan my game session. "ok baby rex needs meat so I gotta do a meat run....oh wait I should load up the gachas before I leave so I have a nice pile of crystals waiting when I get back.....oh wait I am out of stone to feed the gachas, so I need to go farm stone so I can feed the gachas before the meat run....hmmm should I cryo my dinos to take with me on the meat run in case I find a OSD? If I do a OSD then that will count as a meat run right there.....although if I do a OSD then I might take to long getting food to my baby rex and I don't want to have to bail on wave five to go do feedings. Maybe I should cryo the babies before the meat run so I can take my time...well no then it will reset the imprint counter so I can't do that." NOTICE....YOUR BABY REX LVL 256 HAS STARVED
  10. I can say that a fire wyvern is great for solo blue OSD or 10k ele vein. Having a high powered AOE makes short work of the masses of dilos and raptors. Being a fast flying mount means you can get to the drop point quickly and they usually have enough weight to carry all the meat and loot out of the drop point. I wouldn't try it with a yellow drop...at least not solo and corrupted wyverns are right out.
  11. More than any other map AB is the map where you really don't want to be running around all willy nilly without a dino. If I was starting fresh on AB I would build by fertile lake, set up some traps and start working basic tames(trike/stego for berries, carno/raptor for meat and transport) after that take advantage of the fertile lake and tame a spino. They are a pain at lower levels and take forever but with a decent spino you can explore the green and blue zone with little risk. once you have your spino you can roam around and find a good place to set up your base.
  12. I think it would have been a good idea to add a third "ARK" to the map down by green OB. Then you could have a nice green area that has day/night and weather effects. I am glad we don't have the effects in the city and wasteland, could you imagine doing a yellow or red OSD at night? How about an ele vein where you can't see the dinos munching on the ele pillars lol. It does get a little frustrating but I am glad the set it up the way they did.
  13. Well consider this. AB features a rather dramatic drop in temperature as you get further away from the surface. The bulbdog has no fur just a bit of pudgy fat so it may prefer to stick near the surface where it is warmest. The shinehorn has fur and thus is better suited to life in the blue zone where temps are cooler and the featherlight being a bird is able to live in the red zone where the temp is at it's coldest. the glowtail is easy, they are lizards who live in a cave....which is a warm dank environment perfect for reptiles.
  14. I am going to try to fix this. Manas just got a nerf, however they are so OP I believe they should be nerfed to a greater degree. In my opinion the game is dying due to the multiple instances of power imbalance between different dinosaurs. Thousands of bases were wiped before the titans were nerfed, which did nothing to alleviate my frustrations due to the fact that manas can shoot through buildings. In addition they can fire further than turrets can...even on high mode. This is so stupid and I would like the devs at studio WC to fix it please. I also have issues with the dps which I find to be of sub par intelligence. We have thirty members and we can't kill one dude on a mana. My preference is that superior numbers should be of greater value than superior skill, thirty men should be able to kill one person no matter the skill of the individual. how did I do?
  15. SE and AB have one thing in common. You are going to get destroyed in the early game......constantly. It isn't as bad as it was at launch but it's still pretty brutal. No matter where you spawn you will encounter wolves, raptors and cute little jerboas lol. My advice is to spawn as close to green obelisk as you can and make a mad dash for the OB. It will take you 3-4 deaths to make it but you will eventually get lucky. If you can transfer a mid to high level dino to keep the wolves at bay then do so as you will build much faster with a little protection from the wilds. Anywhere around Green OB would be a good spot for a first base as you have access to cactus, metal nodes and oil wells all of which will help you build faster. The area between green OB and blue OB is also good and has most the same resources but stay clear of red OB and the mountains until you are ready for the high level dinos and wyverns. Here are a few SE tips not much water around but you can use pic/hatchet to chop down cactus, this will refill your water. heat waves will be an issue until mid to late game so put points into fortitude and build adobe structures. a little off topic but SE is my favorite map to use rock drakes....they just work well in the big open map. a sometimes dry river bed runs though the middle of the map.... you can collect lots of pearls even in the dry areas with no water....even easier at night. The desert surrounding the map is not for new players....death will find you there so stay out and be ready to lose whatever you bring in. Sandworms only live in the desert sand and take high level dinos to kill so don't try until your ready for the challenge. hope that helps, GL
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