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  1. Kawarriorking

    Rules on Canyon Bases and Building on SE

    I can't tell you where they draw the line but I can tell you that on the official server I am on tribes have built from one side of the canyon to the other (cross wise). Effectively creating a wall with no gaps on the ground level. In the upper level of the canyon different tribes(mine being one of them) have blocked off the upper paths with no walkway. So far this has not been an issue for anyone and I have not heard of any GM warning anyone or anything like that.
  2. Kawarriorking

    Wildcard’s post Extinction plan

  3. Kawarriorking

    Ark Theories

    Very well done GJ. I can only find a few nitpicky things wrong and for the most part you did a great job keeping the facts and your guesses separate(not an easy thing to do). Say what you will about this game(and I do at every opportunity) but years into playing it I am still dying to find out just what the [email protected]#k is going on lol. Some things to note......We don't know for sure why the city of Nosti was destroyed. It may have been related to the size or it may not have...we just don't know. On AB it seems that the kill command was given as a response to the destruction of the control center but again we just don't know. Also the existence of the Homo Duce troubles me. We know from the island that they are a thing but almost nothing else has been given to us on what they are, what they want, where they went. Dozens of Arks in orbit , fire breathing dragons, Monsters with acid blood, Tek bombs blowing up their stuff but so far no Duce. I figure either that part of the lore is getting pushed aside or EX is going to be jam packed with Duce or at least whatever legacy they left behind. On a related note I am looking for tribes interested in making a day 1 push for notes and end game content. I need to find out how this thing ends and I don't want to wait for the wiki. If you have a tribe that is going to assemble on a certain server and need moar ppl please let me know. TY
  4. Kawarriorking

    Best way to get drake eggs?

    Everyone is a little different and that's fine. Not every method works for every person. But I have found going solo with only one rock drake to be the easiest way to collect eggs. True it took me 3-4 drakes getting pwnd before I figured out the tricks needed to solo the trench, but once that was done it was smooth sailing. So I guess the best advice is to do it the way that makes the most sense to you. Your idea or risk vs reward is no doubt different than mine so only you can decide what makes something worth it or not. For my money getting from green zone to the trench with a mob of dinos in tow is a logistical nightmare. I lost a high lvl mega and spino because they walked right off the edge of the cliff and fell into element. Lost another spino which also walked off a cliff into the drake trench. You also need to consider what your goals are. If you just want a drake to have one then you really only have to make one trip. If your crazy like me and wont stop until you get a fleet of lvl 190 drakes in every color then you will be making several trips every day for months. So in my case solo runs were the best option and since I was raising drakes each weekend it was no biggie if a run went sour and I lost one or two(really I was more upset about having to make more rad suits). GL
  5. It puzzles me how a game with so many bugs passes Microsoft cert process. I know that is the reason given for why new content is limited on console is the cert process. It's just that with the parts that do pass cert you would think they would actually work. What exactly are they certifying....that the game wont randomly crash, that lag can throw your character and dino across the frackin level like team rocket, that players can't undermesh and destroy your base? Not all the blame is on WC with this one , Microsoft reviewed the content and gave it the green light.
  6. Kawarriorking

    Best way to get drake eggs?

    I may be taking the fun out of this but the easiest way to get an egg is to buy one. Assuming your not on single player just ask around in chat. I am sure someone will trade one to you for cheap. AB has been out for a long time, most people have drakes and at any given time of day or night ppl will be in the trench farming eggs. Just ask someone to swing by your base and drop one off. When I am egg farming I go through 20-30 eggs a trip and maybe bring 5-6 of those back to base, the rest get eaten or given out to new ppl. So it isn't really a problem for someone to hook you up with low lvl eggs.
  7. Kawarriorking

    My Crusade Against the Fog

    I thought we were talking about something else......
  8. Kawarriorking

    Is this allowed?

  9. Survivor Caleb asks, “If Rockwell is trapped/killed on Aberration, which takes place before Extinction in the story, does this mean we will not receive new additional recipes on Extinction due to the fact that Rockwell is the creator of the recipes?” I may have jumped the gun on this. Reading it last week I took it to mean they were going to retcon Rockwell. But looking again they may just change up the explorer notes/recipe system or something like that.
  10. I don't want to discourage you or get in the way of your fanfic but here are a few inconsistencies. 1) "They were experimenting in genetics at the time and made experiments to bring back ancient creatures like dinosaurs and also creating new creatures like the wyvern" all the life on the Arks is most likely cloned, however everyone having memory of life before the Ark and the time travel event between the island, scorched earth and Aberration suggests that the homo duce were in fact capable of time travel. Maybe the originals were abducted or maybe they were just cloned but the people on the Ark and probably the dinos as well were real people (in universe anyway). 2) "One day they discovered element had properties that mutated the body and made it stronger" If homo duce is the race that comes after humanities end then they should be well aware of the dangers of element. We learn in Aberration that the tribe Rockwell stayed with had Tek armor which is powered by element. This isn't tek they developed on the Ark as an explorer note mentions how only one person is rated to fly the suit , suggesting this Tek is something that is used on Earth in the future. This is supported by Rockwells note where he is experimenting with element and the humans from the future warn him not to. It seems they are well aware of the dangers of messing with element. 3) " But they found that, just like with Rockwell it took time to fully take effect." Rockwell experimented on himself twice.....well three times I guess. After mutating what I suspect was a bulbdog Rockwell figures that the trick to element is mixing it with your blood outside your body then injecting the solution into your body. He injects his arm and it grows large and looks a bit inhuman but he can keep it covered up. Then he decides to go for it and injects a large amount to mutate his whole body. Then he goes all kill happy slaughters the human camp/city whatever and runs off into the night. After battling the humans he is knocked into the element chamber/control chamber for Aberration where he is exposed to even more element and mutates further into the Rockwell we all know and love. So element seems to be pretty fast acting depending on the dose. 4)." Now the one thing that is uncertain is if in extinction you will meet Helena and Mei Yin or you find that something has happened to them and you have to save Earth alone" It is in no way confirmed but it would seem that She who waits is the digital ghost/AI whatever of Helena. In the latest community crunch it is even mentioned that WC will be ret coning a few things so that Rockwell can be a part of Extinction. If they do fold him into extinction then you can bet Mei Yin will be there to get some payback on Rockwell for killing her girlfriend. If Rockwell will be on the element/corrupted side of things then it would make sense if Helena and Mei Yin were on the Tek side being digital consciousness or just driving giant mecha (hey I can dream). Interesting theory in all, not really onboard with the homo duce = overseer thing but you might be right. Something that came to me while reading your theory is what if the titans are what's left of humanity? In todays culture you can't make a sci-fi story without an environmental message so with that in mind......Humanity discovers the miracle of element....like nuclear power it is used all over the world to power various devices. But pollution gets element into the air...the water....our food and then come the mutations. After a few years most of humanity are Rockwell like abominations with only a few healthy groups of humans living in underground cities or space. The element infused humans with nothing better to do start fighting each other for who gets to be king of the trash heap that is earth. The strong eat the weak and absorb the element from their bodies growing even larger. Pretty soon you have creatures the size of large buildings walking the earth eating anything they can catch. In the end you have a few massive creatures that contain the genes and element of all the lesser beings.
  11. Kawarriorking

    New Conquest servers questions

    4) What is Gamora?
  12. Kawarriorking

    Tips & Tricks

    So solo tribe PVP ? Best advice is to wait another month for extinction to release. All the try hards on AB will jump ship to EX leaving AB less crowded. Other than that .....make friends....like a lot of friends. Get to know the big tribes and try to get a feel for how murderous they are. If they live to hunt down small tribes and wipe them then you should move on to a different server. Bottom line is there are only so many places to build and hide in AB which means sooner or later you will be spotted and followed. This means that you will have to make a stand and defend your stuff......which you can't really do solo. So your best bet is to get into a large tribe or find a way to make peace with the large tribes. Just know that peace is little more than time to prepare for war. Of course you can always go PVE but then instead of players you will be fighting pillars, so pick your poison.
  13. Kawarriorking

    Aberration light dino vote

    Featherlight FTW - With a fast flight speed that can keep up with ....slow moving drakes and a very modest combat ability they are my fav. If they could increase dmg output they would be a perfect all around companion. Can't count the number of times my featherlight held the line while I was knocked down by a raptor. Never leave base without it!
  14. Kawarriorking

    Scorched Earth TLC

    He is the one who grabs the sun!