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  1. I solo tribe on EX and after moving my base around a few times I found that the best spot for me is in the city between the snow and desert biomes. I am right next to the Ribcage if you know where that is (not exactly between the biomes but near it). The small steams nearby have beavers for CP, if you head east by argy or dragon you will find a huge metal/OB spawn area at the boarder of the map and obviously you would still be close to both biomes for taming. I would not recommend this area unless you already have flyers that can handle some weight as the terrain is choppy and tough to navigate on foot. GL
  2. I have to admit spending so much time on extinction in that grey hazy atmosphere kinda made me forget about the beauty of ARK. The big bright open air of Valguero is just what I needed. My main base is in the chalk hills toward the southeast corner of the map. I found a canyon with a huge flat overhang that is perfect for building a base far above ground level. beneath the overhang is a small lake with peals in it. Right next to the lake is a large vein of OB and a short argy flight away is about 15-20 metal nodes ripe for the farming. Since windmills(turbines whatever) seem to drop like candy on this map I have been setting up windmills with lamp posts all up and down the canyon so it is lit up at night. Best of all is I managed to pillar around an area just outside my base where deins and rock golems spawn. As soon as I get the kibble together I am going to start working on my chalk golem army. Exploring Val I have come across areas that are so amazing to look at, from the back entrance to the underground caverns which is in the middle of a river which is in the middle of a forest , to the small forested islands scattered about. This is the best looking map by far. So what are your favorite spots people?
  3. I too solo tribe and you are correct time management is very important. Here are a couple things I do a bit differently than you. Wood - Beaver with argy (I don't fly around gathering, I run the beaver for a max haul the argy is just easier and quicker than using a wyvern) Metal/OB - Anky with a wyvern to carry to the metal/OB nodes Thatch - Wyvern (not as great at gathering as the megaloceros but much easier for lazy ppl like me) CP - beaver dams with a wyvern ( the wyvern is so tall the beavers cant reach/attack you so it is EZ) Crystal - EX is my main base so Doed with a Argy gets crystal,ele. on AB I use a gasbag with a cryo anky to get crystal. heavy weights (best creatures for weight) Island - Quetz is best due to the long flight over the island (that thing needs cruise control) Scorched Earth - Basilisk is very fast for moving over mostly flat ground. Aberration - Gasbag can get up and down the shifting terrain with easy. Extinction - has balloon crates you can use but quetz/gasbag for the normal stuff.
  4. Well you see when two brontos love each other very much....
  5. As stated yes they can be moved or hatched on AB. I have a small pack I am breeding for AB use. They are my second favorite non native dino for AB(cant beat the AB gasbag....so much fun). I wouldn't use them against drakes Basilisk or reapers but they shred everything else. If I can ever get mutations on these darn things then I am sure they will make great cave explorers as well.
  6. considering every oil well on the official Val map I am on is locked, I am very grateful for 24/7 wind. Also if they "fix" this I am going to burn the map down. Don't test me WC I need my unlimited power!
  7. Indeed the ARK is flat. Could it be that the ARK is actually on the back of a giant sea turtle? The turtle moves!!!
  8. You are not alone my friend. On my server we call that getting Arked. The best and dumbest advice I can give is to say this.......don't roll the dice. Anything that can go wrong will.....then the alpha will show up and make it worse. The best thing you can do is plan on losing everything ....many many times. On the up side weird stuff also happens when you should wipe but don't . So that is kinda cool.
  9. Valid point about the forum lol. If you can bring a high level drake into the cave. You can clear out most the dangerous dinos and tame glowtails at your leisure.
  10. I feel we never really got a level that explored the potential of water mounts. I would fork over a little cash for a level with interesting water mechanics. Maybe do something like the surface on AB where you can only go in certain areas or trenches during the day , or maybe a high pressure zone you can only stay in for a short time without a tek pressure suit. C'mon WC if you build it....they will come!
  11. A breed argy and a breed anky is still the best way for island solo metal gathering. If you have a team then quetz/anky is best for on the island. I have done quetz/anky solo but I think it is better to have the argy to deal with aggressive dinos and it's easier to pick up drop off the anky and move it around. My island base is by air about 1min from a rich node area and about 3min from the volcano so I can get both spots and be back to base in 20min for 2-6k raw metal, 1-3k ing during the week and double on weekends.
  12. I am sorry but it looks like you are otter luck.
  13. More than any other map AB is the map where you really don't want to be running around all willy nilly without a dino. If I was starting fresh on AB I would build by fertile lake, set up some traps and start working basic tames(trike/stego for berries, carno/raptor for meat and transport) after that take advantage of the fertile lake and tame a spino. They are a pain at lower levels and take forever but with a decent spino you can explore the green and blue zone with little risk. once you have your spino you can roam around and find a good place to set up your base.
  14. If you follow the old railway platform/portal track(the metal bridge/structure that starts in the portal room) all the way to the point where it goes over the edge of the big cliff that leads down into blue and then red zone. That area next to the cliff is in my opinion the best area for rock drake egg runs. You can make a base in the green zone near the cliff which has metal nodes near by and other useful resources. If you go over the edge of the cliff it will drop you in blue zone and at the bottom of the cliff is the last area in red zone where there are no rads and you can build a base. If you don't have a drake then the red zone at the bottom is a good place to build and gather tames(you will need a ravager to get up/down the cliff). If you do have a drake then build at the top of the cliff in green zone and just glide down. I can go from green to drake caverns in about 30 sec and getting back out only takes a min or two. Good hunting!
  15. my money is on the crystals. in the upper walls you have very large crystals that cast light on the map. Build a base near those like I did and you notice they have a constant hum that sometimes sounds just like what you had in the youtube video. It really freaked me out too, I kept running outside my base to see who was making that noise but it we was the crystals. Had to move my base because of that lol.
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