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  1. See i was able to see their game one time but every single time i tried to join it, it would just tell me unable to join game as soon as i tried to join it.
  2. Cross-Play?? I would like to know how i can play with an xbox one user. I own Ark on Steam. I also have Ark on the microsoft store due to the gamepass. My Kids play Ark on the Xbox One via splitscreen. I would like to know how i can play Ark with them from my PC while they are on the Xbox one?? There is almost ZERO information on how i can do this. Also, is there ANY way that my kids can use any mods????
  3. The Download link does not exist. Also your Download link on your Website (http://www.accinfo.de/ACCIon.html) The file is Broken and cannot be opened.
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