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  1. Will ark mobile be as buggy and glitchy as ark on ps4. Just had my weekend ruined through the loss of a character. Was all set to do the alpha dragon boss fight on the island map but a tribe member lost his character going to aberration. So instead of adding more problems please fix the problems you already have.
  2. Two words: Server cap. If there are player limits and Dino limits then by would there need to be server caps?
  3. Seriously. For those of us who work all week look forward to the weekend and this is what we have waited for after no event last week. I've been playing ark since December and in that time there has been only 2 maturation events so the only thing I can raise at weekends and get full imprint are Pteranaodons!! On another point. Spinos!!! Why do they never respawn back in along with Megalanias. Oh because you need them so you make them non existant. Seriously loosing the will with the game!!!
  4. Hi, I’m looking to purchase a fully grown Rock Drake and wondering if you can help me out. Thanks in advance, issking


    1. AdligerAdler


      Sorry, I don't sell.

    2. Issking71


      Ok, thanks for the reply.


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