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  1. The Ark servers never seem to surprise players. The DLC has been out only for a few weeks and it is already unplayable. While trying to play the character can even teleport through the map better than a enforcer. If it is not a intended mechanic then there is a mayor issue. The ping is horrendous as you can see from the image below.
  2. Very true thanks for reminding me of those but since most dinos are green naturally i am personally not happy and my mates are not as well.. Although a green wyv would be interesting...
  3. Wait.. Arent all or most dinos already green... Lol why add green as an event color. I guess ill wait until the next chronicles not that i can tame anything but to admire at least.
  4. The only reason many people have quit Ark continuously is not because the game is bad but because of the Cap issues, Lag/ping, glitches and no space to build in. This all makes your game unplayable and there are MANY GOOD IDEAS THAT CAN SOLVE THESE ISSUES yet nothing is being done as we see. These are the issues we have faced almost since launch its not something recent so it should make you feel ashamed for dragging players through the same issues over and over again. We are all tired of having to rebuild in different servers constantly because our servers become unplayable. (Note: There are many more Aberration Servers and different maps like Rag and few SE as well going throught the same issues) Aberration server 380 is an example of a great server always full of players that i luckily got a chance to build in. Although no space to build in now, many people do have their homes here but recently started quitting or switching servers because of the main issue with ping right now and dinos still getting stuck at places. The server is full of structures yet i only see 15+ people logging here and there to feed dinos since ping does not go under 250. The pictures I am posting with this topic is proof that every person has fed their dinos and logged off at this specific moment because its still unplayable. Its showing 112 ping but when i log in it shoots upwards of 240, I AM THE ONLY ONE IN THE SERVER AT THE MOMENT AND LOOK AT THIS 249 PING, its insane. When i run through the map i become night-crawler and glitch through the map as if i had a superpower of teleportation and it takes more than 2 second for simple tasks to be done like opening a door. Please fix these issues or hire some people that can get the job done server wise and KEEP THE SERVERS UP. I can assure you that if we do get the same servers for Extinction, all future plans with Ark will have to come to an abrupt end and will be terminated because these issues will cause every single player that has dedicated many hours to taming and raising to finally quit for good this time. You have an amazing game in your hands, do not let it go down as the first game in history that all players have quit in the shortest time frame but let it go down as the most played game of all time that people will love for many more years to come. This is coming from a fan or ARK and lover of dinosaurs. i hope this is read and addressed by Ark team as the players that have stuck with Ark deserve props and and not an apology but a plan of action to fix all these standing issues. Have a great one yall and keep on trying to survive!
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