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  1. I’ve always been under the impression that WC had no idea the game would blow up the way it did. As such they lacked both the real world infrastructure to support the game as well as an engine that wasn’t meant to expand in the way it has. The better move would have been to sell the IP. As long as gameplay remained the same it could have grown substantially with a larger team behind it. I would have gladly paid $10 for a 3 creature DLC pack. Instead Ark has a staggering amount of content that even with thousands of hours I haven’t experienced a lot of it. With less than a $100 investment Ark has surpassed in time every other game I’ve played by a substantial amount. And now they are stuck. I just wonder how far up the chain this “Dark Souls Ark” nonsense goes because it sounds like the most assured failure imaginable.
  2. Crossplay would be the worst choice possible. It would be better to close all of the servers than to force console players to go against ini file deleting clowns on PC.
  3. He’s simply saying that “realism” is already dead. Once we have flying Whales there is no point in trying to keep the game “grounded”. And I agree.
  4. Really? When I can throw down 40 sleeping Brontos in front of someone’s base with cryopods and you are worried about balance? We are 3-4 years past the point of no return. Manas are more of a balance issue than this could ever be.
  5. This doesn’t get brought up enough. No one asked for Vin Diesel or a cartoon and I doubt whatever they invested in that product will ever bare fruit.
  6. All this effort spent on Ark 2 is going to be wasted. If you put up a poll, what percentage of your user base do you think will buy Ark 2? I bet you’d be shocked. With ASA I’ll never need Ark 2….why would anyone need Ark with no first person? Id wager that less than 25% of the userbase gives a damn about Ark 2.
  7. People want to see Dinos. Doesn’t have to be gameplay but I think a Rex comparison would do wonders.
  8. You could take the money out of my account right now. In the landscape of desolation that is current gaming there’s almost nothing I’d rather drop the money on. Some of you are casuals which is fine but you seem to misunderstand the username. I could play Ark for another decade even if not much more was released for the game. THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE. This is it. Conan’s Exiles to me feels nothing like Ark, nor does Rust. Until another game exists that allows me to capture, raise and battle animals THEY COULD CHARGE $200………
  9. Whoever is in charge of your marketing and these posts, yikes. If you put a poll up, what percentage of people do you think are going to buy Ark 2? With ASA I WILL NEVER NEED ARK 2………so it’s odd to be showing us concept art from that game when I’d assume most people want to see ASA…..the game you have put behind a $500+ paywall. Many of us, myself included will have to upgrade our console just to play the game. So throw us a bone….show us what a Rex looks like in the upgraded Ark 1. So long as Ark 2 is third person locked, I will never care about it.
  10. Perhaps for you there is, not for me. I am incredibly picky and have have asked for a refund from Microsoft over 20 times. I legitimately load the game, swing the weapon and based on the feel of that animation I know whether or not I’ll enjoy the game. That new Wo Long game has animations worse than DS1, embarrassing. Fromsoft and Ark is it for me. I don’t need another game.
  11. There’s an “attachment” to direbears, otters etc. This feeling, for me, is nonexistent to any arthropod in the game. If my Dung Beetle dies, who cares? I don’t, I’ll get another. They could release 100 more bugs into the game and I’d still only tame snails and beetles. Would tame a Mantis I suppose but I’ve never been on a map where that was possible. Even in reality I’ve done tons of research on mammals, dinosaurs etc. Have truly never cared about insects in anyway. They’re just “there”. Like trees and grass.
  12. And do you think your enjoyment has any effect on me lol? Come on now. I’m not writing a thesis on why people should stop playing the games I’m just calling them trash. Go back to drama class if that’s your thing.
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