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  1. A friend of mine suggested that I disable my antivirus to see if that would help. Wouldn't you know it, I disabled Avast and it seems to have fixed the issue. I have played for about 2 hours now without any desync issues. Crossing fingers! But if this is the cause, I will be in the market for a new antivirus program.
  2. I have run into this a few times in the past and killing my character off was the fix. This is the first time that the desync just keeps coming back. So far transferring off the server and back on has given me the longest respite. Unfortunately, within a half hour it starts up again. I may transfer off before the next planned restart and come back afterwards to see if that has any benefit. Thanks for the suggestion!
  3. Character Desyncs Hello everyone. Since the patch following the Easter event where there was extreme lag issues, I have been having issues where my Character is Desyncing from the game. I never know when it is going to happen, I will be playing as normal and suddenly I can interact with only a few things in game. Sometimes I can access fridges and nothing else, sometimes its dinos. Sometimes I can access some fridges and some dinos but not all. Recently I was building a base for a tribemate, placing wall after wall, then out of the blue I would get the green for placement but no mater what I did, it would not place. I reboot the game and my character is in a totally different location from where I was. I am able to start playing as normal again for a little while. In recent weeks though, I am needing to restart Ark every 10 to 30 minutes. At one point a tribe mate asked me to drop something to him as a test. he said he was beside me but I couldn't see him. When I dropped the package he picked it up and he was outside the base and on my screen I was inside. Somehow I managed to walk through a wall to get outside during the desync issue. I have many more examples of desync issues. So to fix the problem I have tried the following Restarted Ark Restarted Steam Client Restarted my computer Performed the file Integrity Check Updated all drivers Updated windows Checked ping (32 - 70) Tracert the server and reasonable times with no packet loss Changed driver settings Bed traveled Killed my character Transferred my character to another server and back Switched Internet providers. I play on PC official maps. I have a decent system running 32 gigs of ram and a Nvidia RTX 2080TI 11 gig card. I have two internet connections one fiber and one cable. The game has become unplayable for me. Anyone have any suggestions on what may be causing the desync issues? Any assistance would be appreciated.
  4. Well. I guess this post was a precursor to things to come. Transferring metal from Ab to the Island and lost my toon. Guess that solves my problems with the game. Month and a half wait to get an appointment. Not sure it is worth waiting.... Very frustrating but no longer worried about how many people leave the game.
  5. It is really sad. Lost two more tribe members this weekend to Escape from Tarkov. We had two tribe members insta die on Thursday and Friday. One was standing in front of the industrial cookers after a meat run only to die and lose all of their good armor (Crafted Tek) and their good giga used to do the run on our Valg server. The other jumped off their drake in the red zone on ab and lost everything, including the drake as it died before he could get back to save it because there was no death beacon. He lost several really good haz suits and a few cryod dinos but because they were just deleted, he is not exactly sure which ones he had on him. Support tickets were put in but looks like only the dinos they could prove were on them can be replaced and no gear. Problem is that the instant kill and no log entry, how can they prove what dinos they lost? So only the drake and bulb pet can be replaced and the rest of the stuff is simply lost. These issues are getting worse and not better. We play on PVE, why would there be a instant kill anyway. I understand the issue with PVP and really hope they fix it for them. But putting such a poorly thought out solution in place with no way to track player losses is irresponsible. This is a policy designed to make players leave the game and not cultivate the ones already here. Many of us are accidentally meshing without even knowing it. I have been pushed by reapers, crabs, drakes, manas and more while just standing in the wrong spot. Devs must have known there was going to be a lot of false positives... so why make a kill permanent with no way to recover your stuff. Sad! Even worse our tribe leader has decided to take a break for a bit while Wild Card "figures their stuff out". How long do you suppose that is going to be? Great game but the player base is leaving so quickly now.
  6. Fist of all. Well done! This was a fun event that kept most of my tribe mates happy for the entire event. Pros: 2x breeding was awesome! Colored Dinos Loot, though repetitive was very nice Chibis were awesome. Really liked them, though the rare was were RARE! I gave up at the end. I got a shapechanger only to have the server crash and reset. They also reset on me constantly. Was very annoying to get to level 3 and to log back in to a level 1. +5 Levels as amazing. Very pleased. Cons: Santa Drops. Very toxic. Would rather have something like the arkeology or Halloween events where a Chrstmas Tree and/or Snowman appear like the bone piles with coal/mistletoe and gifts. This would mean the stuff spawns around all players of all abilities. I really felt sorry for new players who just couldn't get to the drops before those tribes with wyverns/manas/phoenix/griffins or snow owls. Additionally the griefing that happened was bad. Kiting dinos to players and player bases and the endless global chat where people complained was silly. It is sad how such a great event players turned on one another.... but overall it was a great success!!! Thank you Wildcard!
  7. Definitely not sick of the game. Yes I play a lot but most of time spent lately is with breeding as I don’t trust the game to not lag while doing some of the more dangerous things
  8. I too play on PVE and on PC. I understand that the bases are overly large causing some of the lag issues. PVP is not something I am interested in. There are two game modes offered and I too don't like the drama of PVP. I am very surprised to hear that some servers are not lagging badly. Our tribe has bases and outposts on a number of different servers and since October, all of them are crazy laggy. In fact we have a large group in discord many playing on several different maps all of us in different states and countries.. and we experience lag at the same time. This suggests that there is a network issue somewhere. I would also suggest that the timers on everything in the game causes a lot of these issues. Timer on decay, timer for poop, timer for breeding, timer for server saves, timer for egg hatching, timer for maturation, timers on dropped items.... timers everywhere. Obviously this is much worse for PVE with the number of structures and dinos. I also wonder if they could make structures render as one block rather than piece by piece. Meaning, once your build is complete, you can set it as one structure and only change it when you want to renovate. Again I would be willing to pay a little extra to have PVE upgraded servers that are actively monitored and maybe have a little extra power. I am not interested in playing on unofficial servers as I like the official community trading and so forth. I think Wildcard should offer this option to generate some extra revenues that they could put towards fixing the game issues. I am glad to hear that some players are not having these issues!
  9. Rio4201 I agree with you. I posted this in hopes that someone who develops the game takes notice. The lag before cryo pods was bad, but I have to believe that the lag and game play issues we experience today are significantly worse. My biggest complaint used to be that I couldn't breed dinos due to the server cap. Or if I happened to jump while in a cave during the server timer I could lag out and die. Today, the lag is random, nothing to do with server timer and you can't plan your adventures around when the lag is expected. I no longer play the game the way I used too. If I do any of the complicated caves, I will (Not May) lose my stuff. If I do a boss fight, I will probably disconnect and lose my dinos, saddles and gear and not be able to have it replaced. I still love the game, when I can play. just have to be very careful in what I want to do and when. Its sad. Ark has an amazing community of loyal and dedicated players, many of which I know are starting to drop off with similar issues I mentioned above. What is worse, when support tickets are submitted, we are told immediately that admins will not return anything close to what you may have had. Its a shame. My tribe loses high end, breed and 100% imprinted dinos and only the person who submits the ticket can have 10 useless low level tames in return. Not the very expensive saddles or the high end gear we have to outfit ourselves with to do many of the tasks. I appreciate you guys taking the time to read and comment on this. If more of us shared our experiences the Ark dev team would have to see how serious these issues are. We want to play. We all love the game. We just need the issues to be resolved.
  10. Luewen, that is interesting news on the cryo fridges. I actually didn't know of that issue. Thank you for the insight.
  11. Ark Game Play Issues I am an avid player with more than 12,000 hours in Ark. I have a great group of great friends that I play with on multiple maps. Many of us have played together for 4-5 years. We have an excellent community of players, all of us with many thousands of game hours. I want to start by saying that I have really love the game and have enjoyed many years of gameplay. Recently however, problems have been introduced to the game that are causing us to lose items, dinos, time, and more importantly players. Many of my closest tribemates have left the game citing extreme gameplay issues. All of these issues could be addressed and corrected if the will was there to do so. Let me outline a few issues that have happened over the last month or so. Lag. Oh my goodness the lag is unbelievable. Trying to raise dinos in a 36 hour period on an island server we have seen timers shift more than 3.5 hours. It is difficult to plan our raising when you log in after 8 hours of sleep to do an imprint before work… and you discover that the imprints have shifted 45 minutes to an hour and you no longer have time to get the imprint in before you have to leave. Lag. Lag has been so bad that many of our tribemates have been disconnected constantly. It is hard to leave the base to do anything as you could randomly disconnect. Couple of tribemates have lost gear as they are not certain where they died when they finally got back into the game. Lag. One tribemate in particular has been collecting wyvern eggs from our rag server and he has lost 3 wyverns that landed in the lava when on his screen he was in a nest. He has lost many pieces of decent gear and cryod dinos. Losing stuff to bugs in the game is frustrating. Lag. Raising gigas I personally imprinted 5 gigas before going to bed. When I got up the next morning the gigas were no longer imprinted and now I can’t get a full imprint. I was on track and 2 of them were 100% done before I went to bed. Now I get to watch the last 3 also not get the full imprint. Lag. Downloaded some cool new coloured event tames from the Christmas event to my island server only to have the server crash and roll back. I lost all of my new colours. Server restarts. Random server restarts in the middle of peak time for new version updates. The week before the Chrstmas break had an inordinate amount of restarts. Every time I was in a cave or doing a boss run I had to panic to get things squared away so I wouldn’t lose anything. The amount of time it takes to set up on the obi only to have to abort for a server restart that didn’t happen on time… frustrating. I don’t know how to categorize this. While on the island chasing drops with my mana, my screen suddenly locks up. I am used to lag and disconnections so I simply wait. After about 40 seconds I am logging back into the server… no death message, no notice in the logs. My mana is gone, all of my gear and stuff collected from the drops missing. Everything gone. I am simply on a screen as if I had just transferred in. I couldn't find a death beacon in the area I was in. Chibis keep resetting to level 1. Many tribemates have leveled to 3, 4 and 5 only to log in the next day to a level 1 chibi. Chibis stop leveling. I get to level 2 and can't gain any more levels from the chibi no matter how many alphas I kill. I got another one to level 4 and it too stopped leveling. Raising 2 gigas that made it to trough a few hours before going to bed. Upon waking the next morning to discover that they starved to death.I have raised a lot of dinos, We have 70 tek troughs and the base has been designed so that there are no spots where a dino could be without being on trough. Only two logical conclusions can be taken from this. Either the server rolled back or the gigas simply stopped eating. Tribemate was raising several dinos on Ab while being pregnant with a 150 reaper (more than 12). He had to log out for a couple of hours in a tek pod and when he logged back in, he had died and lost his reaper to radiation in the green zone??. Unfortunately he had the cryoed babies on his person (Not something we recommend) but he lost his gear and all the new babies and the 150 reaper which ended up being a red and white event. While on extinction another tribe member tek flew to a purple drop we were at so he wouldn’t be cryo sick and when he tossed his giga out, it was somehow cryo sick. He lost the giga to corrupted and his saddle was nowhere to be found. While on extinction raising babies, a tribe member saw some death notices show up on the screen. When he searched our bases he found that one of our bases was completely gone along with all of our stuff. Hundreds of dinos, element, and more and another base was ¾ destroyed.. This is a PVE server but someone used a tactic that literally destroyed two bases that is high up in the snow biome. While farming element veins and box triber showed up as we finished and started harvesting our vein. I didn’t know that was possible.. But it is. During my weekly time in of my Rag base, we noticed that 6 of 10 cryo fridges were not powered for some reason. When opening them, all of the pods had expired losing all of the dinos. Looking at the logs, we see that some electrical cables auto decayed. Some of the many hundreds of electrical cables in the base and for some reason all the pods lost 30 days of charge in just one week. Logged into my main base on an island server and saw half the cryo pods were at half charge, even though the fridge was fully powered and has never lost power. I play on this map every single day. This base is the most frequented base we have. Someone at this base at least 4 hours a day. Half of our base on Scorched Earth suddenly auto decayed. Even though we were playing as a group on the map 4 days earlier. Stone structures stayed where metal ones auto decayed. We lost element, dinos and gear and a lot of it. We have put support tickets in and have been told that we could have 10 dinos at a max 150 level to replace the hundreds of dinos lost in the last few months. Honestly this has turned a lot of my group of friends off playing. While ejecting the loot from a red drop on extinction, someone used a new trick to steal stuff as it came out using. Again.. Didn’t know this was possible. Now we add an event that pits player vs player to chase presents that drop from the sky in a line. Routinely we have 3 or 4 people all trying to open the same present and then arguing in global chat. The Christmas event has turned players that normally can play well together into enemies. Global chat has been horrible to read as everyone is upset about the drops. Merry Christmas I say. At the end of the day the game has become seriously broken. The lag on the weekends when I can commit some time has made it unplayable. I don’t want to trash the game as I absolutely love it. However, the current fixes are not helping and in fact are making the game much worse. Then when contacting support for what are rather serious issues that have ruined hundred if not thousands of hours, we are given responses that do not adequately respect this. There has to be a better way that to have policies that confront the player base when they have issues. We understand that a free to play game has some limits on what can be achieved. Many of the avid players I play with wonder if there shouldn't be a pay for official server cluster that can help with some of the expenses and installing admins to monitor the servers. My group of friends would love to have this as an option. Being able to still log onto official maps but having the ability to go to a server that is actively maintained.
  12. I completely agree! There May be a bug here too. On two of the servers my tribe plays on, we had electrical decay. Strangely not all of it did, only the ones connected to our cryo fridges. We ended up losing all of our dinos because all of our other electrical was still working so we didn’t notice that half of it decayed. electrical needs to be metal tier and it is crazy it isn’t. It’s just another reason people may not pod their dinos and we can’t give people reasons not to use pods! wc please make this adjustment as currently this only hurts people trying to save lag on the servers!
  13. I would like to see a server with limits... for pve especially but could work for both. max 10 tribe members 200 Dino limit half the current structure limit max of two ally tribes ides is we limit the number of Dino’s.. forcing people to pod there excess dinos. limit the size of the tribes and limit the Dino storage of extra alliances and decrease sever structures should improve game play. so much more could be done but I like these kinds of changes.
  14. For me... I stayed in both Legacy and Official for the longest time. I kept legacy for the following reasons. 1) Base design 2) Location 3) Hundreds of hours of mats gathering 4) Awesome blue prints 5) Great community 6) Dino lines I had created I swore that I wouldn't give up my legacy server but eventually one of my base time ins didn't take and I lost all of my dinos and wood structures.When that happened I unlocked everything in my base and committed to the official server and haven't really looked back. I miss a few of my dinos but after a short while I was able to get back to the same point I was before. I feel that if you migrated the legacy server bases and players into official you might be able to get the bulk of the legacy players to rejoin the ark community. Maybe you allow them to bring fert eggs over and give them x4 for mats and dino restart. I feel that most people look at what they have built and figure they simply do not want to start over from the beginning on a new server in a different location.
  15. I would love to see this option. I have been discussing with my tribe and allies and we all feel this would help the game. Those of us who work full time find it difficult to get 100% on anything that takes longer than a weekend to raise. Gigas take several months to raise when you leave them out over night and pod them in the morning after imprints. Even still they are difficult to get 100% on. If training isn't an option, an expensive potion that can be fed to the dino would be be another way to help. Any way we can help keep the long raise dinos out to mature. Anyway great suggestion! You have my vote!
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