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  1. I completely agree! There May be a bug here too. On two of the servers my tribe plays on, we had electrical decay. Strangely not all of it did, only the ones connected to our cryo fridges. We ended up losing all of our dinos because all of our other electrical was still working so we didn’t notice that half of it decayed. electrical needs to be metal tier and it is crazy it isn’t. It’s just another reason people may not pod their dinos and we can’t give people reasons not to use pods! wc please make this adjustment as currently this only hurts people trying to save lag on the servers!
  2. Elof

    Quetzal TLC

    Quetzal TLC The argy rework is amazing and I like it but it has made the Quetzal obsolete. i would love to see the Quetz get a rework to make them viable again. i would like to see a weight reduction on premade items like structures. I had to tame one on the new map and it reminded me that Argys are much more useful and the Quetzal is a much more difficult tame. It’s a shame they are relegated to just moving dinos. They are too slow and can’t move as much weight as the argy when you look at the weight reductions.
  3. I would like to see a server with limits... for pve especially but could work for both. max 10 tribe members 200 Dino limit half the current structure limit max of two ally tribes ides is we limit the number of Dino’s.. forcing people to pod there excess dinos. limit the size of the tribes and limit the Dino storage of extra alliances and decrease sever structures should improve game play. so much more could be done but I like these kinds of changes.
  4. For me... I stayed in both Legacy and Official for the longest time. I kept legacy for the following reasons. 1) Base design 2) Location 3) Hundreds of hours of mats gathering 4) Awesome blue prints 5) Great community 6) Dino lines I had created I swore that I wouldn't give up my legacy server but eventually one of my base time ins didn't take and I lost all of my dinos and wood structures.When that happened I unlocked everything in my base and committed to the official server and haven't really looked back. I miss a few of my dinos but after a short while I was able to get back to the same point I was before. I feel that if you migrated the legacy server bases and players into official you might be able to get the bulk of the legacy players to rejoin the ark community. Maybe you allow them to bring fert eggs over and give them x4 for mats and dino restart. I feel that most people look at what they have built and figure they simply do not want to start over from the beginning on a new server in a different location.
  5. Elof

    Half Walls

    Half Walls I would like to see a half height wall introduced. There are many times that a full height wall is obstructed. I find in order to fill some of the gaps in my base I end up using a lot more structures to change the snap points to allow me to get the desired look/function.
  6. I would love to see this option. I have been discussing with my tribe and allies and we all feel this would help the game. Those of us who work full time find it difficult to get 100% on anything that takes longer than a weekend to raise. Gigas take several months to raise when you leave them out over night and pod them in the morning after imprints. Even still they are difficult to get 100% on. If training isn't an option, an expensive potion that can be fed to the dino would be be another way to help. Any way we can help keep the long raise dinos out to mature. Anyway great suggestion! You have my vote!
  7. This is a great idea. I could be as simple as the dino leash or better yet the tek geni range effects.
  8. Personally I really like breeding events and we don’t have enough of them. I work full tune and this allows me to raise some of the harder dinos. I also love event colors. My suggestion would do less colors per event but have more events with colors. i also liked the Halloween events and special dinos like the dodo Rex. These things make the game fresh and enjoyable. themes are a lot of fun!
  9. Elof

    New Maps

    New Maps Hey All, One of my biggest disappointments with Extinction was how quickly we were able to transfer our dinos to the new map. I would like to see the new maps isolated a little longer (6 months?) from the rest of the maps. Once the OP dinos were allowed onto Extinction it became easy. Before that, travelling around the map was a challenge not to be taken lightly. We were losing red drops with 3 tamed gigas with primitive saddles... once the transferred opened up I could easily solo them. Starting fresh and having a good amount of time to actually experience the map would be a lot more challenging and fun too.
  10. I am not a big fan of starting over. Though there is an adrenaline rush that comes from a fresh start I have worked very hard for what I have. I would not be happy to have it all gone.
  11. Elof


    This is an excellent idea! We should have Tribe, Tribe and Allies and Public as options.
  12. Sorry then I have nothing to offer... I use smart breeder to enter my dinos so generally speaking I have them recorded... I haven't noticed any changing sex but I will keep an eye on it now.
  13. I have never had this happen to me either. Though, before the patch, all dinos put into a pod showed as male, regardless of their actual sex. I wonder if they are old pods you are looking at.
  14. Unfortunately I was stuck late at work today... lost it all.. very unfortunate... Thank you for letting me know the server was back! Much appreciated
  15. That isn't good news. I have purchased a new line of rexes and gigas that I was raising... I do not want to have that work and expense lost. If the server comes back up while I am at work it is going to be an expensive crash for me. I really hope it doesn't take that long.... I didn't hear anything about scheduled maintenance... not that I pay that close of attention.
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