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  1. S+ was confirmed to be coming to console platforms this year, but here we are 1 month removed from being almost half way into the year and we still haven't been given any details on when we console players can expect these changes to happen, and honestly it feels like it never will. PC literally gets everything before us and they've had access to these mods for quite some time now, so why is it that console players constantly get left out to dry? There's been numerous discussions brought up on this forum and social media about this topic but it seems like the devs refuse to address it and give clarity. I feel like as customers who purchase your game and DLC we deserve at least some type of an explanation other than "its coming soon". Show the people who support your game on other platforms that you actually care about their concerns instead of brushing it off. If a dev or mod can provide some clarity to this discussion it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. While that is certainly true I feel like console players get put on the back-burner when it comes to mod integration compared to our pc counterpart.
  3. I know many console players like myself have been waiting on the arrival of S+ for quite a while now but there hasn't really been any definitive information put out on when it'll officially release. We've been given answers like "its coming soon" or "its coming 2018" every time the discussion is brought up somewhere. I feel like as console players we should get a bit more clarity as to when this is actually happening. I feel like the addition of the mod will really improve the gameplay and make it more enjoyable for people on console. I'd really appreciate it if a dev could provide some type of transparency on the issue.
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