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  1. I enjoy how with each new official xpac new, more fanciful creatures are added to the game. However, I do wish that occasionally new real dinosaurs were added as well. For those who were around for it, remember how excited people got when the Arkeology event was first teased (and how disappointed everyone was when we found out it was just skins and not actual real dinos). I'd also like to see some more diversity in the herbivores, most new tames we get are carnivores, which I get, they are more fun, but still it would be nice to see something different from time to time. One idea, whic
  2. This may be an unpopular opinion, and I am not the first to suggest this, but I think that building should be disabled in all artifact caves, on all maps. Artifact caves are meant to be challenging areas for people to explore not just for the artifacts, but also for the loot crates as well. There are some maps and some caves were finding one that isn't taken by an alpha tribe (ex: Island underwater cave and ice cave, center ice cave, SE old tunnels cave) is virtually impossible. I understand why, they are some of the best places to build, easiest to defend, difficult to raid. However, i
  3. I wouldn't be opposed to extending the lock out time, but not indefinitely. I think if they kept the lock out time indefinite it would ultimately shorten the popularity of the map, as the novelty of being restricted to the one map would wear off.
  4. Invisible Supply Drops Hello...twice now on SmallTribes19 I've encountered invisible supply drops. They are there, I can hear them, I can interact with them if I get close enough just like usual, but I cannot see them. First time this happened was over by the Ice Cave, I just happened to walk close enough to hear the hum, didn't see anything, walked up to where I knew the drop was and got the "[E] : Access Inventory" option. Second time was over on the small islands off the west coast, I actually saw the purple drop spawn in, moved away out of render range to do something else, then when
  5. Playing on Genesis small tribes, tamed a bloodstalker and as soon as the tame was completed it was killed by the antimesh. Sorry for poor quality of screen shot, i had to reduce the quality to attach it. Edit: Small tribes 96*
  6. Volarus

    Bog Beatdown Glitch

    Bog Beatdown Glitch Hi, I was doing the gamma bog beatdown solo on small tribes when I encountered glitch that prevented me from completing the mission. On the third wave, one of the pachyrhinosaurins fell below the mesh, I couldn't reach it and was unable to complete the mission. See the screenshot below. Thank you.
  7. Rag Lag since Epic Games Sale Since Ark went free on Epic Games, there has been a huge spike it seems in the player count on official maps (good thing), however, with that on Rag at least for me it comes at the price of extremely heavy lag spikes. Playing on Rag19 small tribes, whenever there is a lot of people on (seems to be about 40+) every few minutes I'll get a lag spike that rubber bands me rapidly over the course of 30-60 seconds. For example, I jump off a cliff (so I can respawn elsewhere), the lag kicks in, I'm back on top of the cliff, jump off again, lags again, jump lag jump la
  8. Bloodstalker Taming Bug Been trying to tame new bloodstalkers on official small tribes and the tame seems to be bugged. Every time it grabs me it pulls me in for a little bit but then I escape. This is without me struggling or hitting any buttons at all. There is a clear line of sight between me and the spider, no branches or anything for me to get hung up on. It also pulls me in for the same amount of time, just high enough for the drop to be fatal, then lets me go. This has happened about a dozen times with a couple different spiders.
  9. Can confirm, traveling to SE did cure my fever.
  10. I also have incurable fever...jumped to 3 different servers never went away. I really hope this is a bug and not intentional
  11. I have the same issue, cannot get past snapshot 9 on official small tribes for genesis.
  12. "Lock manas to extinction" <---- This one right here, if I had to pick one thing out of that list it would be this one. Would love to see variety again. In the list I assume "archived" basically means you're aware of the request and not doing it, at least not at this time.
  13. If it is possible to code, would be cool if cactus crop plots specifically shouldn't be watered, like if it was watered it would take damage or drastically increase the rate of decay, or maybe used water at a significantly reduced rate to the point that watering it by hand once or twice a week was all that was needed. That might be too much specific stuff to code just for one crop, so it might not be worth the effort however.
  14. Cryopod's are probably one of the biggest game changers in the game in my opinion. On official PvP servers, having them only craftable in replicators really only gives the big tribes access to them on demand, this game already vastly favors the mega tribes. Sure if you only want/need a handful of them you can do blue supply drops, as people have suggested, but if they were craftable then anyone high enough level and willing to farm the mats could get as many as they want. That opens the door to things that currently are really only available to the big tribes.
  15. Thank you for not clustering the small tribe servers. I think it would be interesting to see how a small tribe cluster would go, but with brand new servers, not the existing ones.
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