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  1. hey wildcard, how about any kind of bloody update? its been 3 hours already since it shouldve been released and you once again leave us all completely in the dark! whoever is responsible for PR needs to either be told what his job is or how to write. this dead silence is a hideous imposition for your community!
  2. so, the chances of it being misinformation is pretty high? i really hope so, thanks!
  3. Dear ARK team, first off: i have no 100% sure information, that is why i ask! (to remind everyone not to take this as a fact; instead i ask to get a confirmation by Wildcard!!!!!) about half a year ago the release date for EXTINCTION was announced as 6th of November, over the past weeks we repeatedly got told it will stay as 06.11.18 as release and we did so once again yesterday in the video about Twitch Con. but for some reason the release on Steam is shown as "November 2018" only, not the 6th anymore, and even on the steam database ( https://steamdb.info/app/887380/history/ ) its not the 6th anymore, its announced as the 30.11.2018 ....... now, which is true? i dont know it anymore, cause to be honest i think its really strange that we dont even have an official trailer yet and the game platform which ARK is played on doesnt state a clear date anymore........ i really hope something is just mixed up, but i have this uneasy feeling that the game isnt ready yet... if so, please tell us or clear up these misinformation, if the 6th will be the launch! a concerned and confused Survivor
  4. i am pretty disappointed to see a parasaurus tek skin... do you really just put out existing skins? why not say "hey, lets make it a good experience for the players and do something special" and do a tek daeodon or equus? something thats an eyecatcher and not something thats nearly useless in the game? nasty and terrible move, wildcard!
  5. bwahahahahaha, good april fools.... huh, what? its middle of march? but... i cant run the game smoothly on my highend PC? how should a phone be able to? you said "mobile isnt from wildcard"? ok, i need a new phone...
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