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    Safest way to steal Drake eggs?

    I just got my first three yesterday with my Spino. Its very easy to get down and back without trouble just follow the metal spine, go over the bridge with a charge node, stay out of the elemental water, get to the crystal looking cavern and youre gold. Kill the Drakes you see on the path down to make it easier and also all the Drakes you can see at the nest. The only trouble I actually had was a dude swooping in and stealing the egg I was going after while I was killing off the Drakes below the nest. The Spino I took down had a ramshackle 46 armor saddle Hp: 12,000 Stam: 2600 Melee: 480% Lost around 3000 hp at the most while fighting them off after nabbing the egg, so you should be safe on a decent Megalo (watch out for Purlovias) but the Spino has aoe (and vertical hitbox for seekers) which is nice. The Drakes dont all pop up at once either they have to climb up the walls to get to the nest and usually get stuck on the way up. Also in my experience raising any Drake with under 4k food is rough so I'd personally stick to lvl 50+ eggs. * If you go down and find a low level egg you can sometimes clear the remaining Drakes near the nest, get out of render distance and get another egg to spawn* Good luck and dont hesitate like I did. It takes like 12-25 min to do the whole journey take 3 normal picks and 2 sets of Rad Suits.
  2. Zer02hero

    RTX 2080 BSOD in Ark

    Not being able to fly on Ragnarok is so unfun. Anytime I hop on a flyer it just bsod's with a Bad_Pool_Caller error. It basically relegates me to feeding only then playing on Aberration or Extinction or just not playing at all. 2080 ti i9-9900k 16gb ram Never have this problem on any other game or map just Ragnarok atm.
  3. Any news on a fix for the Bad_Pool_Caller error into bsod for Gtx 2080 and ti variants? Happens very often while flying in Ragnarok and makes the game nearly unplayable.
  4. LOL. Now to tame these dinos..... OH WAIT THE SERVER IS CAPPED!!!!!