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  1. Absolutely, many nice spots but the design from the swamps ( Area right bottom the map ) and Floating Islands ist Amazing... just don’t like Lava Area with the Red Trees...maybe too many trees idk
  2. Who cares ??? Transfer is open in some weeks so let them have Reapers! Destroy it your Game Experience?
  3. Tropeo Taming is a joke WC cmon...its x4 atm on Official and a 145 Tropeo took over 1 hrs for the second raw mutton and now it eats every 20min again ??? sitting on x4 3 HRs for a Tame is a joke.... HF Guys to tame this boy o x2 or x1^^ ( Passive Tame )
  4. Hehe Gamma is Easy, the Part here is Less Antidote for final Round! Gigas doing almost 0 Dmg without bleeding.
  5. don’t let Genesis go into the Animal Zoo like other maps, Only Item transfer On!
  6. i remember the early days where the Giga released...it was damn Rare on our Offi Srv! the Spawn Rate was going up with the time....maybe same on Genesis
  7. JM Mining Drill from Alpha Dodo Basketball But i Farm this 30 times per day. Also Magma Saddle with 49 Armor
  8. Its a Big Joke here! Finally they Released a nice DLC with different things! You want a map where you can go between biomes? Wow than Play the 20 Other Maps
  9. Fear Evolved 3 is Trash So happy that today comes the Patch for the Event! And what Happens? Nothing... what’s the point of the Event on Valguero? Still Raptor Overspawn, No Ice Wyvern, No Respawn Event Dinos, No Skelleton Dinos! The only Fear that bring the Event to me is How Bad all this works!
  10. Best Patch ever on 516 PVE PC! still Raptor Overspawn, no Ice Wyvern, No Respawn Event Coloured Dinos, Skelleton Dino Spawn low like Giga Spawn... dont want to blame but the Event goes on and goes on and no way to enjoy all Stuff
  11. The Abyss Valguero PlS FIX IT!!! On our Srv 516 PC PVE is a Big Spawn Problem in the Abyss! Tuso, Plesiosaur, Mosa only spawn with server Reset! If you kill them they never Respawn! Checked this over days many Times. All other on the Server confirm also that they only respawn with Server Restart!
  12. We doing bunches of Purple OSd and mostly get 300-600 Element! veins are worth if u doing Purple OSD
  13. Day 1 of Ark it was release in Early Access! A Trike called The Chef! Long time ago but I never forget it get killed by a Stego ?
  14. you dont need pheromone^^ claim the Baby and put 2000 Meats in your Inventory...let the baby kill you and the inventory is in the baby^^ enough for the complete baby time^^ u can imprint and claim without pheromone
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