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  1. Pleaaase make this actual creatures and not just skins. They don’t need to have different abilities, you could just alter the stats a little bit or/and alter their behavior and that’s it. Please make it happen, we would all love you for it
  2. This doesn’t have anything to do with the post but is the best place where it can be seen by you. you should include in the next tlc the humagns, you should make an option to not make them so muscular and alter the face. By the way you should put the mammoth, monkey, plesiosaur and megalodon in the next tlc too. keep up the good work
  3. Yeah you’re right but I was just commenting to see if the guys from wildcard see it
  4. Well it could be exclusive for those who have the dlc or something like that. but the thing is that in the main game the boats are useless and I always have loved the idea that if there were multiple islands in one single map the boat could be used to travel from one to the other, there could even be diferent kinds of boat and everything
  5. This is just an idea but what if you did a server with all the maps combined like in a super map, it would be great and you could travel in boat from one island to the other. Please make it happen wildcard
  6. I know that you said that you weren’t gonna do more tlc passes in a time but please update the monkey. and what you did with all the tlc has been great but maybe you make the spino a little to overpowered, it wins against a trex now. aside of that good job, best game ever
  7. It looks amazing, but seriously do something about the trike!! the trike was the natural Rex oponent! It was twice the size of rhino! I think you should up its stats considerably and do a size increase, and give it the ability to charge like the wholly rhino. about other Dino’s I think the magalodon could get an update and give the paracer an ability to buff you with sound, and please please do something about the mesopithecus! No ofense but right now its horrible
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