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  1. Austria

    Wyvern Saddle Slot Missing

    Wyvern need no saddle, look at Games of Thrones 🙂
  2. Austria

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Some Alpha Megalodon an many normal Megalodon stuck my Basilo in the "Easy" Water cave on Island so RiP Rollo. So i make the Swamp Cave Round36 and i found my first Rex Blueprint with 103 amor. 😀
  3. Austria

    Ichthyornis problem

    They are not on herb Island ob the Island map
  4. Austria

    custom food Custom food recipes

    I have a backup char only leveled on crafting make a food recept with 20 raw meat, a drink with 5 rokarott, and a cake recept for my tribe mates with 20 spoiled meat 🙂
  5. U must wait 24hours and it works 👍
  6. Austria

    Xbox One crashing

    I have the Dashboarding Problem all the time... I play on xbox pve Extinction 1066 with a xboxoneS ?
  7. Anyone know the Resources that we need for the new Kibble? Fiber mejo?
  8. Have anyone the recept for this new Kibble Basic, Simple, Regular, Superior, Exceptional, and Extraordinary ?
  9. Austria

    Solo Boss Fight - Worried About Crashing?

    And dont open your inventory at teleport!
  10. Is your base at Viking Bay? Move your base to a other place that helped me
  11. Austria

    Can use In cave possble cryopod?

    For xbox Legacy: yes, i droped a Rex in Ice cave and kill Deathworms
  12. Austria

    What do you do for fun?

    I sell Argys to beginners for 50 mejoberrys ?
  13. Austria

    Cryopod mishap

    Now you can switch the imprint requirement with cryo. yeah never need Dimetrodon egg again
  14. Austria

    No egg incubation time change... no imprinting change

    Now you can switch the imprint requirement with cryo yeah testet this on xbox official
  15. Austria


    This is on xbox official Ragnarok 549 we have no mods on xbox