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  1. Is there a location on ragnarok that tends to drop Daeodon saddles and/or its bp? Thank you!
  2. Hi there, i accidentally deleted my server and the settings associated with it I was able to raise and imprint everything 100% except for the giga which came at 90%, the wyvern would be fully mature in about an hour. Now my settings got erased and I can’t figure out what the settings were... I can raise a wyvern in about an hour fully imprinted but now the pt gets fully mature before I can even do 1 imprint. What I need is as follows: have a wyvern to fully mature in about an hour after hatching and have the ability to imprint 100% but also be able to fully imprint a pt... thank you!
  3. Solved! There was a setting that I was unaware of that wasn’t enabled, it works now!
  4. Tried to place triangle foundations and unable to place them either
  5. From when it was working, wild dinos didn’t have a 150 max level on the server so I changed a couple of settings this morning as follows: DifficultyOffset=1.0000 OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0000 Then used console command: Cheat DestroyWildDinos I don’t know if that’s even relevant but i’m trying to retrace anything that happened from when it was working to when it’s not. Apart from restarting the server, i restarted the console, same issue, can’t place flexible cable
  6. When the patch released everything was fine, the flexible pipe worked fine but today for the life of me the darn things won’t attach, I can select them and it highlights where I can place them but as soon as I click to confirm placement it acts as if I cancelled the command... i restarted the server but it didn’t change the behaviour, the flexible pipes can no longer be placed...
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