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  1. Benefits of Ascension?

    Cap IS lowered because on my private server the level cap was 125 now we can't get past level 110, so yes it WAS lowered even for private servers, so now I'll have to add an additional 15 levels just to get people back to their old level.
  2. Past Several Updates

    Nice job on TOTALLY not doing patchnotes for the last several updates to both client and server. We as private server owners have no idea what these patches are and if they are game breakers as to weather we actually need them atm or not. UPDATE THE PATCHNOTES SOMEWHERE!
  3. Yes they need to stop adding stuff to the command line that, then, can not be used in single player or on servers that don't have access to command line changes.
  4. Is ?OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0 a command line only or can it also be used as an ini setting by omitting the ? If it can be used as an ini setting which file does it go in, game.ini or usergamesettings.ini?
  5. 'lo

    Hello all, I'm Greystar been gaming in various formats since 1982 (actually started earlier but I figure age 9 is a good starting point). Formats include, Atari, C64, Tabletop RPGS, LARP, PC, Xbox (original), PS1, Wii. Favorite game types, Strategy & RPG. Was a software developer for a long while that include Business applications as well as a short stint as a game developer, mostly Interface design. Also used to create mods from various MMOs of the emulated sort. May get into modding in Ark haven't yet, also host my own private Ark server. I'm also from Central United States and I was in the US Army for a few years until I was injured.