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  1. Clarification - when entering one of the admin command with a value of 1, it blanks the text entry line, just like it does if you try to name a dino something Microsoft would consider "inappropriate". Ie: swearing, etc. It's not that the commands FAIL, you can't enter them.
  2. Primative plus riders standing? Any dino in Primative+, when I mount them, my character is standing on/in them. Wyvern, Argentavis, I'm standing with my feet on the saddle. Parasaur, I'm in the dino with the saddle at my waist. Any chance primative plus is getting and bug fixes done on it anymore?
  3. Gfi sort of works. Do a quantity or quality greater than 1. Same for every other command. So settargetdinocolor for instance, you can use for color regions 0, 2, 3, 4, and 5, but NOT 1. You can gfi 100 of anything, but not just 1. And gfi can't make blueprints.
  4. Actually, gfi works kinda. Just use a quantity or quality of more than 1. Gfi metalboots 2 0 0 will work. Also, this "Can not use a value of 1" problem affects EVERY admin command I have tried. Settargetdinocolor cannot do region 1 or color 1. Etc. Any other values work.
  5. Admin console entry issues When typing any admin command into the game, if the command has a parameter value of 1, it will not print on the command console, leaving the text entry line blank, so the command doesn't work. Examples: Settargetdinocolor 0 14 - works fine. Settargetdinocolor 1 14 - doesn't work. Gfi argentavissaddle 2 100 0 - works. Gfi argentavissaddle 1 100 0 - doesn't. Gfi argentavissaddle 2 1 0 - doesn't. Gfi argentavissaddle 2 100 1 - doesn't. Tested across multiple Xbox ones, and multiple profiles. Definitely something in the game. Help?
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