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  1. venom31203120

    Spino pushing Basilisks through ground

    I understand that, and i understand how difficult some of these issues can be to fix, especially within the limitations of various game engines. What i cannot abide by however, is blatantly refusing to replace our lost dino's after we spend weeks taming, breeding, and grinding for getting them. Hours getting the resources to tame dinos, then to get the gear to nest raid, then to get the eggs for a basa, then to find a good basa, then tame it, all gone in a matter of seconds because a wild dino merely walked into me. Not killing me by attacking, literally walking into me. All that time wasted. Not replacing lost dinos and items is WC telling us that the game isn't worth our time.
  2. venom31203120

    Spino pushing Basilisks through ground

    Doesn't surprise me. Still doesn't make it ok, especially if we aren't getting our dinos back from this very well known issue. Its WC literally telling us "Hey, don't play this game because we wont fix bugs caused by our maps!"
  3. venom31203120

    Spino pushing Basilisks through ground

    In official server 806, my tribe has now lost 2 basa's from wild spinos pushing them through the ground. We have put in tickets for them both, but have heard nothing back about them. The most recent incident was today, with my basa being pushed through the ground and lost along with the 1200+ obsidian we just spent hours mining. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KmogV1PRpA I understand that with a game such as this there will be bugs, however i am tired of never hearing back on these glitches. I don't mind getting killed by the environment, or because of my own dumb mistakes. HOWEVER, we shouldn't have to fight the environment AS WELL as game breaking bugs. This issue is compounded even more by the fact that we can spend hours, even days and weeks obtaining things such as items and dinos, just to have them gone in seconds because of bugs that have existed since the games launch. I left the game before after the first giga i raised got stuck in the the ground literally within the first hour of maturity. Now i give the game another chance, and the bugs are not only still here, they seem worse, and the community that supports you is constantly slapped in the face with little to no action. I am not asking anymore, and im tired of being nice about these bugs. I want our dinos replaced. I cannot recommend this game to anyone, especially the official servers, as it stands today. In any other game, say a CoD or Wow or pretty much any game where you invest time into it, if some game breaking bug deleted entire characters (have also lost 2 characters to this game) the support team usually ATTEMPTS to make good on the issue. Start fixing these issues, and start replacing the stuff we have spent days and weeks grinding to get, otherwise i cant recommend this game to anyone, and in fact will likely have to tell people to flat out avoid the game all together.