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  1. If you have still the reaper inside you on another map, try transfer back to abberation, and the timer and xp will be fixed now, worked for me (i know transfer should kill it. But it didn't)
  2. I transfered myself back to my main server on official and i don't know why i still see the 4 : 00 : 00 xp 0 (+0) with the icon etc like i have a reaper king still inside me but i think it's just too glitchy
  3. eh that annoying, i will give up, and kill myself in radiation or go back to my main server lol. hate this if it disappered like that i think it's useless to keep it then
  4. i just hope they will be fast on the patch and that reaper we got is not totaly stuck and lost, we all know it take somes times to find a High lvl reaper queen (and i don't really want to do the process again).
  5. Hey, i have the exact same problem, we did a reaper on official with my tribe yesterday, we got lucky and found a 150 queen quickly, but the timer is stuck and don't gain any xp.... what i should do ? wait for a patch or something or just give up because i have no chance to get that reaper ? it's maybe because of the x3 breed event.
  6. MMental

    Rock Drake

    Hi, when you uncryo a dino, that set a cooldown of 5 mns. If you don't have the cooldown, the first dino you uncryo is fine and awake. but if you uncryo a dino when you still have this cooldown this dino will sleep instant after out(depend of the dino torpor) and you can't ride him until the same cooldown end. And if you cryo in a dino, you don't have to worry about the cooldown that don't affect. So if you uncryo a dino without this cooldown you can use it right after that why you can cryo-uncryo a dino for pass a hole in cave :).
  7. Laggs is the server save every 15mns that make 5-10seconds lagg. (= cooldown transfer)
  8. Yes, because There is never admin on server. And they take month to take a ticket. If admin was on just 1 day a week or 2 for somes hours, to check base, eventual glitch exploit, blocking ect.. And temps ban players who abuse, there will be less toxicity. I know there is lot of official server that would take time, but what if they employs people to do it. Edit : like on unofficial serious server there is often admin who check base and what people doing sometimes.
  9. The wiki is your best friend, also you should have dododex with you for taming. If possible, Trap every usefull dinos you want to tame (you can see on youtube somes trap) for make it easier, and to not waste mats. And Git gud
  10. There is lot of problem like this cause of toxic people behavior who don't care about others, and dev's who prefer work on dlc and content to win money than for solve problem. Lot of patch didn't fixed a problem because people always find a new way to glitch. And theses patch can be annoying for honest player who did nothing for deserve this, like the cooldown transfer (didn't solved duplication but it's still here)
  11. That would solves somes problem, bring back this feature plssss
  12. Good idea, like S+ have this feature with troughs. That should be the same on official.
  13. Hi, Stats after imprint is not base stats ! The new babie have random base stats from the mother and the father. If you want more weight you will have to get weight mutation, you need luck and when you get a mutation on a stats, this stats is the base stats so the new baby will have the same mutation if he take the stats from the right parent
  14. I find it a useless tame. And as a wild it's really annoying, can push your dinos that you spent time to park. One time a diplo surprised me when i was starting a boss fight, he pushed me and somes rexes out of platform, and then they instant died and i lost artifacts, it's my nightmare now.
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